Networks suck bigtime

  mammak 22:29 18 May 2006

I have had enough no matter what I do nothing works goodbye Windows 98se RIP haunt me if you wish like I care
click here

  mammak 22:32 18 May 2006

well lol that did'nt work

  Jackcoms 15:56 19 May 2006

What are you trying to say??

  Devil Fish 18:35 19 May 2006

well i would assume he is having a problem networking win 98se judging by the title and what little info has been given

  mammak 22:32 19 May 2006

she has had more problems with networking only with one out of four pcs than she cares to mention the 98se laptop is now sitting by the bin waiting for the big council truck to munch it up and good ridance I say, my click heres did not work sorry about that was to fustrated last nite but I have given up trying to network that flipping lappie how much prozak can a person take
but on a positive note 3 others are running like a dream

  rdave13 23:48 19 May 2006


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