.NET Framework

  Flying Teddy 10:10 16 Jul 2006

Yesterday, I downloaded an update for .NET Framework via the M$ update centre. It has taken me until now 10:00 the next day (with 6 hours sleep) to sort out the resultant problems.

a) windows explorer would not work, failing after any attempt to make it actually do anything. It would tell me that 'There is a problem. Would you like to tell us about it?' NO, YOU STUPID PEOPLE, I WANT YOU TO TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! Yes I am shouting. Sorry.

Were there any hints, procedures, reasons, cures? No.

b) following an apparently normal start, the desktop relapsed to the lowest ever resolution following every restart, and the quickstart tray was filled with random icons, although the functionality was correct. Largly academic as no apps would start because 'There is a problem. Would you...' Aaaargh!

After the usual sfc /scannow etc., etc., I had to do a repair install of windows followed inevitably by downloading SP2 (again) and reinstalling that too, and then all the updates (all 56 of them)..

Now this is not the first time that .NET Framework updates have caused me trouble Not by a long chalk. And looking around, it seems loads of other people are having the same bother. WAKE UP M$. GET IT RIGHT.

Not that I'm angry or anything...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:10 16 Jul 2006

You could have done a system restore.....would have saved a lot of problems and time. If it has caused you problems before why not just leave the updates?


  spuds 11:15 16 Jul 2006

Is this an Helproom or Speakers Corner question?.

All that time to download. Were you using dial-up? :O(

  Stuartli 11:18 16 Jul 2006

I didn't have any difficulty earlier this week in both updating .NET Framework from 1.1 to 2.0 and then immediately installing the latter's update.

The same scenario occurred when downloading the earlier security update for 1.1.

  €dstowe 11:33 16 Jul 2006

I suspect there was something deeply wrong with your Windows installation.

Yes, there was a problem with that update but not such a problem as to cause the things you experienced.

As GANDALF <|:-)> pondered, why not do a system restore or, even better, restore from the backup that you have of your computer.

Don't tell me, you don't have a backup.

  Flying Teddy 16:13 16 Jul 2006

..probably isn't as hygenic as it should be. I had been clearing out all the space that restore points had been taking and inadvertantly erased them all. D'oh! And as for a backup - I only do that for unrecoverable files: documents, spreadsheets et al. Maybe I should take steps to increase my resilience!!

GANDALF <|:-)>, I understand your point, but how do 'middle' users like me differentiate between updates that M$ say are critical and which are, and those which they say are critical and aren't. If you see what I mean. I've no idea what .NET Framework is or whether I should have it or not. Is it critical to update it like they say?

Spuds, No, I'm on broadband. The time was taken in trying various other solutions before I was (very) reluctantly driven to the re-install. Even then SP2 took two attempts to install. The first time, it said 'There is a problem....'

Stuartli, Lucky you! How I wish...

and €dstowe, I suspect you are right. Hopefully the re-install will have fixed it, but I am very loath to do any more .NET Framework updates in order to find out!

I apologise if this should have been in Helproom, it was meant more as a rant than anything else. Nevertheless, thank you all for your comments, Now, how much does Linux cost?

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