Net closing on uninsured drivers- Bradford

  peter99co 19:41 21 Oct 2009

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"My car cost £500 and to get it insured costs £2,000, so why bother?

"If I get stopped what can the police do? Take me to court where I will get fined get fined or take my car off me? Either way its still cheaper for me not to have any car tax, I am breaking the law but what can I do?"

How many more think like this.

Keep clear of Bradford in case one runs into you!

  spuds 19:54 21 Oct 2009

In that report, Bradford might be classed as the main culprit, but rest assured, the problem is nationwide, hence the increase of hit and run.

A few years ago, uninsured drivers were stopped by curiousity more than anything. Failure to produce documents, usually meant a visit to the police station of the drivers choosing, and the driver was then free to go. The same applied to the Guinness label tax disc driver. Nowadays things have changed by roadside enforcement, but this is still not preventing the courts giving further bans to already banned drivers. The law wants further procedures to stem the problem totally.

  Forum Editor 19:55 21 Oct 2009

Well,one response - at the the risk of stating the obvious - would be 'abide by the law'.

The attitude expressed by that person is interesting.
"what can I do?"
It's indicative of the way of thinking that says 'I want a car, everyone else has a car, I see cars all the time on TV and in the streets, so I must be entitled to have one as well. I can't afford to tax or insure it, so I won't, and to hell with the consequences'.

It represents a quantum shift away from the time-honoured ethos that says if you can't afford something you'll have to do without it. Nowadays there are large numbers of people who believe they're not getting their due unless they have what members of their peer group have. It goes further - there are large numbers of people who firmly believe that, given the right stroke of luck they could be rich and famous pop stars, so they traipse their complete lack of talent in front of a TV audience at any given opportunity. Better to have appeared on TV and made a complete fool of yourself than never to have appeared on TV at all.

Can you sense me getting into rambling rant mode?

  canarieslover 19:59 21 Oct 2009


  Quickbeam 08:39 22 Oct 2009

I thought that you should be above the sort of thing that you have to police us from...

  Quickbeam 08:47 22 Oct 2009

In my town you can't move across the town without being monitored by ANPR cameras, every week or so at random, they have a half day purge. They stop every car without documentation and have recovery trucks on standby removing them.

Looking at the people while they are getting their cars confiscated, they are not all ne'er-do-well types either... no sympathy from me on that one.

  birdface 11:56 22 Oct 2009

Car insurance is very cheap at the moment providing that you shop around.

[My car cost £500 and to get it insured costs £2,000]

I know my van insurance is less than £300 fully comp.
So not sure what problems you have if yours is over £2.000

  WhiteTruckMan 12:10 22 Oct 2009

by a young driver in bradford some while back. the guy plowed into the back of the family zafira, then after he got out to look at the damage , he got back in his car and roared off, narrowly missing running me down. His car (not actually his, just borrowed) didnt get too far as water and oil were running out of it, leaving a trail even the police could follow! When finally apprehended he claimed he left in a hurry because he feared he was going to be the victim of a racially motivated assault! He produced a piece of paper to the police claiming he had insurance, which satisfied them, but when I tried to claim, it was for a different car that had been stolen (alledgedly) and he was using the 3rd party entitlement to drive any other vehicle. But because he had a claim already ongoing for the loss of his own vehicle the policy was suspended (unsure by who) so no insurance. Both police and CPS were totally uninterested, saying it was a civil matter, not a criminal one. Result was I never recieved a penny, and he was never even charged with driving without valid insurance, let alone punished for it.

Also, I started a thread about this incident, but it was locked almost straight away.


  Mr Mistoffelees 12:36 22 Oct 2009

"So not sure what problems you have if yours is over £2.000"

Being a young new driver is the only problem you need for some companies to ask for a premium like that.

  oresome 13:21 22 Oct 2009

A friend lives in Bradford and decided to get an alternative quote for car insurance, having been with the same company for years.

The car is garaged and she does less than 3000 miles per year. She was disgusted to find that some companies declined to even quote once she gave her post code which is actually a select area of the city.

  interzone55 14:21 22 Oct 2009

I take it you're not a 19 year old driving a GTi

My neighbour's 19 year old son had a Golf GTi, it was around 10 years old and cost him £2000 to buy and £300 a month (yes, that's £300 a month, £3,600 a year) to insure.

I don't think the situation is helped by manufacturers including a year's free insurance with new cars, so the drivers get a bit of a shock in year two and don't bother renewing the policy...

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