Neighbours Windchime nuisance noise

  lotvic 16:40 16 Aug 2010

Next doors got a wooden wind chime 2 weeks ago.
It's driving me nuts 24/7
I have been very strong so far and refrained from using scissors - though came close to it this morning...

I don't want there to be any upset as I only moved here last Nov so don't know them very well. Just a polite hello etc when we meet mowing front lawn etc.

Any suggestions on how to tackle windchime noise problem?

  MAJ 16:45 16 Aug 2010

As with most noise nuisances, lotvic, the solution is fairly straightforward, earplugs or be brave and explain to your neighbours how much it annoys you. Usually people are quite understanding. Hope it's not one of those bamboo types, they would drive a body insane.

  BT 16:49 16 Aug 2010

I think the scissors sounds good!

  wiz-king 16:51 16 Aug 2010

Retaliate - Install a water feature near their window?

  lotvic 16:56 16 Aug 2010

Yes it is Bamboo, and I am quickly being driven insane.

  Bapou 17:12 16 Aug 2010

Some years ago next door installed wind chimes the Dalai Lama would have been proud of.

A few nights later a strong wind came up during the wee small hours, the street was awake except next door would you believe. So I phoned them, most surprised they were, being very sound sleepers.

Nevertheless himself went into the garden and dismantled the chimes, never to be seen or heard since.

No loss of friendship. although seeing other neighbours were not amused did help.

  JYPX 17:18 16 Aug 2010

I guess this just affects one side of your house?
Or one bedroom? I know this is a bit drastic but triple glazing fixes all of these little noise nuicances.

  Bingalau 17:28 16 Aug 2010

We have trains running by our house, and we don't hear them having grown used to the noise they make. Might I suggest that this will become the norm with the wind chime noise in due course... Give it time.

  seefuu1 17:28 16 Aug 2010

I wish i just had that to put up with at my previous property,instead of drunken neighbours and their friends sitting arguing and fighting outside 24/7 and having to walk past this, as there was only one entrance to these properties.

Now i just have to put up with the noise from natures wildlife.

  lotvic 17:47 16 Aug 2010

It's the daytime noise, can't enjoy garden or natures wildlife. I think it unreasonable to have to keep my windows shut. It is only about 9 feet away from my French doors from lounge into garden.
To add insult to injury I have just discovered they are fastened to MY fence post... Grr

I don't want to over react though, so will try to get to know a few neighbours around and then when it's clanking/chiming away will comment on it and see if it is annoying anyone else.

  wee eddie 18:14 16 Aug 2010

I think that much of ones perception of a sound depends on ones outlook.

I think that it is now too late for you to change your perception and start finding the 'tinkle-tinkle' relaxing.

You don't say anything about anything more than the occasional 'Hello', so now may be the time to ask them round for a pre-weekend glass of wine, in the garden, naturally. As part of your conversation and without any tone of criticism, you could ask if the Wind-chimes sound as loud in their garden as they do in yours.

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