Need a veg recipe or two

  OTT_B 20:26 18 Dec 2010

We're having roast lamb for Christmas day, which has a red wine and red currant jelly gravy with it (click here).
That'll be served with roast potatoes, but I need some additional veg to go with it.

The gravy can leave a little tang in the mouth so I'm thinking something like a sweet potato dish. Does anyone have a recipe they could suggest, either sweet potato or anything else that might go with the dinner?

Thanks :)

  peter99co 20:34 18 Dec 2010

Try Honey Roast Parsnips

  OTT_B 22:09 18 Dec 2010

That's a fine idea. I've found a recipe for honey roast parsnips and baby carrots. Should do the job nicely! click here

  Forum Editor 22:48 18 Dec 2010

are definitely the right accompaniment to lamb, and a clove or two of roasted garlic is a must.

Add some red onions, and cut them into six or eight portions, but not completely through, so they're still in one piece, so to speak. When roasted they open up, and look very attractive amongst the other vegetables.

Enjoy your meal.

  morddwyd 07:11 19 Dec 2010

My God! Honey roast parsnips, sweet potato, carrots, red onions with a red currant and red wine gravy?

It'll be so sweet you can serve it as pudding, not dinner.

  Quickbeam 07:54 19 Dec 2010

Sounds tasty to me.

I'll also be doing roast root vegetables with the Guinea fowl that I blagged a few weeks ago (it always pays to keep in with the local gamekeeper). I do roast veg simply with only rosemary sprigs in them, and with the lamb, that's all all that's needed to not to overcomplicate the flavours. needed

  Quickbeam 07:57 19 Dec 2010

there's a spare 'needed' at the end of the above if anyone needs one, help yourself to it...

  ella33 11:17 20 Dec 2010

These recipe ideas all sound so yummy.

My father had a baked parsnip recipe that was always popular with a roast meal, I seem to remember it was parsnips with some tomato and onion and leek, topped with a savoury crumble topping. No garlic because he hated the taste but I feel sure it would be good with a little. I will try and track down the recipe again. So many people like parsnips roasted as they are, that I haven't done that recipe recently.

OTT_B When I was searching for the above, I did stumble on a sweet potato, parsnip and orange recipe that you might like.

click here

  Pine Man 11:22 20 Dec 2010

Unless you class potatoes as vegetables you can chuck them all down the toilet, as far as I am concerned, and cut out the middle man.!Particularly the green, orange and yellow vegetables.

  peter99co 11:35 20 Dec 2010

No Veg = No Fibre. Hope you get your fibre some other way.

  jack O'lantern 12:33 20 Dec 2010

All lovely and enjoy them all but what a big plate will required.
Instead try these but creamed with garlic or butter and pepper to serve up as an additional 'taster'

Red Cabbage and red onion stewamed- and laced with ginger and chopped glace ginger is another side dish to contemplate.

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