Need some legal/consumer advice - urgent

  Mike D 22:24 01 Nov 2006

I arrived home tonight to find a letter from what I think is a debt collection agency, who wrote on behalf of their client a clamping company. I am being asked for £270.94 for damage to the clamping company's clamping equipment.

This is worrying as I have never been clamped in my life and, to the best of my knowledge, have never even parked in an area where clamping is in force, let alone had the opportunity to damage their equipment. There are no details given about when this offence is supposed to have taken place and no location other than "John Morris Close", whereever that may be.

I have not responded to the letter (I've only been home for a couple of hours) and I need some advice as to what to do next.


  Mike D 22:26 01 Nov 2006

Sorry should also add that I have had no other contact from anyone prior to this letter today.


  namtas 22:29 01 Nov 2006

If you are without any doubt not involved and no vehicles registered in your name could have been involved, ignore

  lisa02 22:32 01 Nov 2006

I'd also say ignore it, but do keep it incase you get any more in which case I'd seek legal advice.

Surely they would have to prove you where involved and not just demand money.

  Mike D 22:33 01 Nov 2006


That was my initial reaction, but they have my vehicle details (I suppose that a wrong vehicle reg number could have been noted at the time) and it is a debt collection agency, so what about my credit history (and, if I let my imagination run riot, the possibility of bailiffs coming around)?

And no, it most certainly wasn't me.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:35 01 Nov 2006

Am not really qualified to ofered advice but perhaps these people could hepl you.

click here

  namtas 22:51 01 Nov 2006

I likewise am not qualified to answer, but all the details you quote can be easily linked up. If you still feel unsure or unhappy, contact your CAB and book an appointment to see a solicitor, 30 mins consultation is free.

  Forum Editor 23:16 01 Nov 2006

and send your letter by special delivery (not recorded delivery).

Say that you have no knowledge of the incident they mention, and that your vehicle was not involved. Ask them to provide you with details of the location of John Morris close, and the date and time of the clamping - which would have been recorded by the clamping company. End the letter with the sentence "I reserve my rights in this matter".

Once you have the location, date, and time you can set about establishing where you and your vehicle were, and - if necessary - get witnesses ready to confirm the facts.

It seems likely that someone may have cloned your vehicle registration plate - it's happened to me - but do NOT ignore the letter you've received.

  [email protected] 23:34 01 Nov 2006

Do not ignore it, contact them by phone or letter to explain your concern and the fact you have no knowledge of the matter.

To give an example, a few years ago I got a similar letter from an insurance company claiming damage to another vehicle and that a witness had taken my registration number *** 911 *. I just happened to mention that my vehicle had never been within one hundred miles of where the accident was supposed to have taken place but the person on the phone insisted I had.

*Yes, a white Astra with your registration* they claimed.*Well that's my registration alright* I told them *but it's not an Astra but a white Talbot Express 3 ton van*

*Oh! must be a mistake then* they said at which point I politely told them to get their facts right and pester me no more.

Ignore it and you could get a black mark against you or your property before you know it!

  hijo 02:01 02 Nov 2006

well without going into my personal details i got a letter from a bailif within the last few weeks & it got to me,i was scarred,all sorts of things go through your head dont they like your things in your house the car ect,one thing i did learn is that they CANNOT enter your house by any means of force the only 3 ways they can legaly enter your house is if you leave a window open or invite them or with the police the reason i know this is one of my neighbours did it last year so i spoke to him,there very clever in the fact that they knock on ur door with just a tap then leave straight away BUT charge you another £25 or whatever there charges are,regards to your car "mike D" iam not sure m8 i havent been there my letter from them was regarding polltax but i was unemployed then...? so iam fighting this @ mo,i found most of them are nice people but u will get a few that push it,DO as the "FE" says dont ignore them as they WONT go away they will keep charging you,if this is a scam as in a premium tel number then to test it ring it from a public phonebox & ask them to call u @ ur home...

For sound advice on tackling illegal clampers try here
click here
The DVLA will only sell addresses of vehicle owners to those that have legitimate reasons to want them.Any abuses should be reported to them; if only to stop many more vulnerable people being scared into paying up.

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