Need some help over speeding

  ronalddonald 16:04 03 Oct 2008

im not sure if this the right place to post the help. Here goes i received today in the post a Notice of intended prosectution a NIP for speeding on 30mph road, I was driving 38mph.

My question is there a driving day course i can take so that i dont have to get 3 points on my licesence, if so how do i go about aranging this course. The NIP is asking to declare i was the driver on that day, ive filled it in and singed it but i dont mind paying a fine or doing a driving course but can i do a course and pay for the course rather than get the points. At the momemt im a full time dad im worried about this as i dont want to lose my license and i dont want the points if its posssible

I be very grateful for positive suggestions, thank you in advance for any help that from you all.

  birdface 16:11 03 Oct 2008

Googled.This will give you something to read until someone can give you the proper here=

  feb 16:13 03 Oct 2008

It's not a course that you can apply for, if it's available in you area, you will be offered it as an alternative.

  birdface 16:22 03 Oct 2008

Not looking to good at the minute.It looks as though you have to be invited to attend.If you have filled in the form and signed it can you not add that you would be willing to attend the speed awareness test instead of getting the penalty points and see what happens.The test is usually for drivers just exceeding the speed limits maybe doing 35mph instead of 30mph.But not sure if all police forces do it.Anyhow best of luck.Hope it works out Ok for you.

  cluckinbell 16:24 03 Oct 2008

You send the form back, then and only then do they decide if they wish to offer you a course instead of the points.

I took one last year, but i was doing 34 on an industrial estate on a sunday, so maybe deemed more borderline (yes i know the limit is 30, but i thought there was a little more leeway than that!)

  cluckinbell 16:26 03 Oct 2008

Just read butemna comments, DO NOT add a comment on about wanting to do a course, it specifically says not to do this on the small print.

  version8 16:26 03 Oct 2008

Some Police forces give you a certain % over the limit.
You could argue it & have your day in Court.
But if these are your 1st 3 pointers except them & next time drive only as fast as the limit allows.

  feb 16:27 03 Oct 2008

This would be a better place to ask, you will get expert advice click here

  skeletal 17:15 03 Oct 2008

This is how it used to be, but things change all the time:

It depends on the area in which the offence took place. You also have to attend the course in the offending area, rather than where you live (something to consider if you live in Cornwall but sped in Scotland!).

It only applies when you are slightly over. I’ve never seen a definitive answer to “slightly over”. “Nearly everyone says” that you only get done at 10% plus 2 MPH. Thus at 30, you will be done at 35; at 40 it is 46 and so on (thus cluckinbell should not have been done!). At this point, if the county operates the scheme, you will be offered the course. The point at which they switch to a fine seems not be set in stone. I have heard a MPH or two more and you will still be allowed the course (so 38 may just be “in”) but over 40 you would not be. As ever, this seems stupid to me. I would have thought someone doing 60 in a 30 would need far more in the way of “awareness training” than someone who sneezed just before a camera.

By the way, all the numbers are the “true” MPH figures (as defined by the calibration test of the speed camera), not what your speedo was reading. It is again hard to be definite because different manufactures have different tolerances; wheel size, tyre size, tread depth, inflation pressure and temperature all affect the speedo to “real” speed ratio. Very roughly, for a typical car, expect the speedo to over-read by about 5 to 10%. Thus to do 38 MPH your speedo was likely to be reading about 40 – 42 MPH.

Good luck whatever happens.


  ronalddonald 17:23 03 Oct 2008

ive composed a letter requesting the Speed Awareness course, Here it is: (i be grateful for any feed back, im planning to staple it to the Notice of Intended Prosecution form)

Traffic Criminal Justice
Operational Command Unit
P.O. Box 510
DA15 0BQ

My ref:

Your ref:


Dear Sir or Madam

Yes I am the registered Keeper of and the driver on the Date at. I want to learn from this experience and I have heard that you may offer a speed awareness course if I decide to take this course.

I know it’s up to your discretion and I am very sorry for speeding on the Date. It was very wrong for me to do such a thing. I am willing to take the speed awareness course so that I can learn to be a safer better driver and learn from the course and apply the theory and practical awareness to my driving.

I would be grateful if you would allow me to take this driving correction course so that I can learn from this experience and never commit speeding again.

Yours truly,

  Stuartli 17:29 03 Oct 2008

If you were caught speeding at 38mph, it's virtually certain that the first digit of your speedometer reading at the time began with a four.

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