need some advice re estate agent and builders please

  sunnystaines 18:02 02 Apr 2015

we are looking to buy a home, the survey has pulled up unexpected problems, we have had a recommended builder we trust quoted for the work and the owners are pondering reducing the price to cover the needed repairs.

now what we are worried the estate agent wants to get builders he knows to quote as he says our quote is too high.

my worries will the estate agent get a good tip from the builder he knows and once contracts exchanged and we move in the builder the estate agent found then suddenly either pulls out or ups his original quote leaving us stuck as the work would be carried out after we complete.

the option to pull out we are not too keen on, but may do so if no happy compromise between everyone.

whats your opinions

  sunnystaines 18:38 02 Apr 2015

spider happy to get other quotes but have doubts about a builder from the estate agents being used in case its a penny pinching company that fail to do a good job.

  lotvic 18:50 02 Apr 2015

I can understand the logic of the Estate Agent wanting 'his' builder to quote, after all you have got 'your' builder's quote.

I agree with spider9, you need more than one quote anyway.

You can always chat to your trusted builder about the quotes from the others, builders will 'know about' other builders. Also if you are going to be paying the bill you should make the final choice of who does the work IMHO.

  Forum Editor 19:16 02 Apr 2015

Remember that the Estate agent is working for the seller - it's the agent's job to get as high a price for the seller as possible, and by doing so he/she gets as high a sales commission as possible.

I can understand an agent saying that a prospective buyer's builder is quoting high, and I can understand an agent wanting to get his preferred builder to quote. To be honest, provided the specification of work is detailed enough, and written down, there should be no problem whoever quotes. I would say to an agent that I am happy for his builder to quote, on the strict understanding that if the seller wants to accept a lower quote as being the amount by which to reduce the sales price, the builder concerned must give me a written undertaking that he will do the job at the quoted price, should the sale go ahead, and should you decide to use him. Make it clear that you are under no obligation to do so.

Tie the whole thing up tight, and if you get the house you can use who you like.

  bumpkin 20:40 02 Apr 2015

I would use the builder that I know but it won't cost you anything to have the agents builder quote also. Unless you are seeking a huge reduction on the buying price then I can't see that it makes much difference. If they are quoting like for like they should not be too far apart. I am surprised that you are moving again so soon but none of my business just a comment.

  sunnystaines 20:45 02 Apr 2015

I might be paranoid but I have loads of trouble with builders in the past once resulted in civil action he paid up in full on the eve of the hearing, others i have had to withold money while work is corrected. Now always use recommended tradesman and had good service. I understand the comments posted. but the set may be the cost of work hopefully will be taken of the sale price then we have the work completed and pay the builder afterwards. worried a cheapskate will hire temps to do the work and cut cornors which may not be evedent for some time afterwards.

had this once when an insurance company hired a cheapskate oufit to do work at a fraction of three quotes and the work was shoddy the insurance were not interested in shoddy work just the fact the repair done even though it was amess just got visions of a similar scenario.

  bumpkin 22:06 02 Apr 2015

You are not paranoid, you have learnt from experience. Use tradesmen that you know and stick to that no matter what the agent or seller want. I will only employ people that I know to be good, made a few mistakes in the past like all of us. A few of my neighbours like to boast about how cheaply they have had work done, one look at it tells all. Good/Cheap/Reliable You can pick any 2 out of the 3.

  Forum Editor 23:28 02 Apr 2015

"Use tradesmen that you know and stick to that no matter what the agent or seller want"

That's all very well,and I think most people could work that out, but this isn't a question of just doing what you want to do, and ignoring other people.

sunnystaines is involved in a property purchase negotiation, and that is precisely what he must do- negotiate - if he wants to see the deal go through.

The agent is a pivotal figure in these situations, and the seller may well decide to ask for a price from the builder the agent recommends. What the seller has to do is balance his/her natural desire to sell the property quickly with the chance that a potentially certain buyer will walk away unless demands for reductions in the purchase price are agreed to.

Both parties are gambling that the other one will cave in.

  bumpkin 00:40 03 Apr 2015

Yes of course it involves negotiation, if the buyer wishes to use their own builder then any negotiations can be based on that. I can't see why the seller would object unless there is a massive variation in the costs which there should not be if both are genuine. As I said earlier it will not cost the OP anything to get another quote from the agents builder.

  onthelimit1 08:53 03 Apr 2015

I know they are not the be all and end all, but have you tried your estate agent's builders on places like checkatrade?

  HondaMan 10:05 03 Apr 2015

I would use the builder you know without s second thought. By all means, get other estimates for comparison, in my view they should always be within 10% of each other. The estate agent would probably get what you could call a "commission" from the builder he knows for putting work his way.

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