"Need any help with the packing?"

  Graham. 11:23 07 Apr 2007

How can we get through to supermarkets that we don't want to be asked? To infer that I can't put things in a bag I find a little insulting.

  Kate B 11:25 07 Apr 2007

Actually, I love someone doing the packing for me! It feels like good service to me.

  bremner 11:25 07 Apr 2007

It is not insulting, it is simply offering a service to customers. If you don't want the help just say so - hardly a chore.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:29 07 Apr 2007

Complain when you get service, complain when you don't. A no-win situation.


  Bingalau 11:29 07 Apr 2007

When my wife is asked she always says "No thanks, I have brought my general factotum along". Anyone know what a factotum is? Sounds like a pole crossed with a dictionary to me.

  Kate B 11:32 07 Apr 2007

General factotum is an all-purpose servant ;-)

  spuds 11:53 07 Apr 2007

Remember the days when the local corner shop use to put you provisions into your shopping bag or hand it to you wrapped in a nice paper bag. Well its all coming back, under the guise of good service ;O)

  wolfie3000 11:57 07 Apr 2007

I like when they pack my bags for me,
Before you had to rush to put all your stuff in the bags and i hated that,
Now its all done for you.

  Spark6 12:00 07 Apr 2007

Oh for such service. I'm usually left struggling to open one of their ruddy plastic bags while the queue builds up! A great sigh of relief when I spot a pile of opened bags.

  MichelleC 12:15 07 Apr 2007

In the US it's an automatic service. There's an assistant at every checkout packing, and they help you to your car too.

  spuds 12:21 07 Apr 2007

Mentioning plastic bags. This week I found two things of possible interest. (1) Local Asda store have changed their supply of bags to a different type. Heavy items are not recommended. (2) Checked some spare items in the workshop, that I had wrapped in a well known stores 'plastic' bag about 10 months ago for safekeeping and protection. Items are now unprotected as bags had crumbled to virtually nothing, due to now being possibly bio-degradable.

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