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  anchor 16:03 20 Jul 2005

Not exactly a computer issue, (except the points are accumulated on a computer), but may be of interest.

I see that both Vodafone and Barclaycard are to stop awarding Nectar points from the end of August. I appreciate that there are sill other companies giving points, but it cannot be good news for Nectar. With two big players leaving, could this possibly mark the beginning of the end for them?.

Those of us old enough may recall Green Shield stamps, and their subsequent demise.

  [email protected]@ 16:35 20 Jul 2005

Barclaycard used to give Signatures,points that you accumulated with purchases and although some of the gifts were a bit over the top they were not too difficult to save up for.Since changing to Nectar the awards are just out of reach (points wise) for us mere mortals.Good riddance to them.

My guess is that BP will be next to throw them out followed by Sainsburys fairly quickly.

  anchor 16:52 20 Jul 2005

[email protected]@: You are quite correct in your remarks about the old Barclaycard points scheme.

I found Nectar points more useful than the old Barclaycard points. You could use them to buy goods from the wide range of articles available from Argos. As I use Barclaycard quite often, it came in useful.

500 points, (which represents a £250 spend), gave you £2.50 off your purchase; not a lot I agree, but better than nothing; (which is what you will get after August).

  spuds 19:20 20 Jul 2005

Seems as though Barclaycard are cutting out most incentives from their system like extended product warranties,insurance cover,legal advice,price matching, now Nectar. At this rate, they may even cut the high interest charges.

  Andybear 19:24 20 Jul 2005

I have my mortgage with Sainsbury's Bank. For that reason, every December I get 30,000 free Nectar points from them. As anchor says, you can use them to buy goods from Argos. I needed a new camera earlier in the year and got just the one I wanted there, with loads of points left over.

  User-312386 08:36 22 Jul 2005

How bad can you get

I have loads of points on my card and went to buy £55 worth of goods in Argos. I thought i would use my nectar card thinking that it would help with the purchase. My god did it help. Paid for the whole lot. wow i thought, so i looked online to see how many points i had left and it said 40,000. i am off to spend. LOL

  anchor 09:09 22 Jul 2005

What excellent news. Now you have to decide what to get for £200; what a problem. lol.

  User-312386 22:01 22 Jul 2005

i know i know

  HondaMan 15:41 25 Jul 2005

I have told BC that if they do cease Nectar points, I will terminate both my card accounts with them. There are plenty of others who will be glad of my custom

  spuds 23:00 25 Jul 2005

Just had my Barclaycard statements and Nectar updates, and no mention of discontinuation. Perhaps next time around!.

  anchor 09:53 26 Jul 2005

Spuds: The notification came in a separate letter, and full details are posted on their web site.

click here

HondaMan: It seems a "fait accompli".

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