Natural wastage?

  Diemmess 16:09 12 Feb 2007

When Windows was first marketed, any machine capable of running it was at least six (?) times the cost of this new OS.
Now the gap between Vista and a PC is down to about a factor of 1.5 for a budget outfit.
Then, home buyers were few and local computer shops didn’t exist outside cities.

Now it is becoming rare to find a new computer without a pre-installed OS, so first time buyers and those who wouldn’t consider home build were willy-nilly forced to buy first XP, and now Vista.
This (coupled with the impossibility to pass the same installation CD around the family), has I think changed the whole market atmosphere.

What next?
Still less MTBF for the hardware, so the whole box of tricks is discarded every two to four years?

  Watchful 17:57 12 Feb 2007

That's how it seems to be nowadays. Someone will now say that it's market forces to blame but I think that nothing is built to last as it once was because it's soon outdated by the speed of advancing technology. I'm quite happy with my XP and won't be buying Vista or Vienna until they no longer provide updates for it.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:02 12 Feb 2007

is because the hardware manufacturers face stiff competition and strive to become more efficient to survive. Something which plainly hasn't occured in the development of operating systems.

  Totally-braindead 18:13 12 Feb 2007

Arthur Scrimshaw thats is a very good point. They have no real competition so basically can charge what they like.

  wee eddie 18:30 12 Feb 2007

We, here, have no idea of the cost of Vista to the Manufacturer.

It could be that M$ has maintained the differential, of about 6/1, that "Diemmess" noted but has ramped up the Retail Price.

There were aspects of a spat regarding the limited number of Activations allowed, that suggested to me, that M$ were moving away from the Home Builder and Upgrader.

  Diemmess 18:55 12 Feb 2007

That's my current problem wee eddie!

I want to choose a laptop which fulfills ALL these conditions.

1) A major brand name
2) Trusted retailer
3) Sold either without OS or using a full copy - not pre-loaded with only a recovery disk.

Finding that combination at a reasonable price is mighty difficult.

  Diemmess 17:08 14 Feb 2007

I should have checked on reality first!
click here

It rather bears out the fact that unless the buyer is going to be different and experiment with all sorts of things - then he/she needing a replacement computer might as well buy the latest pre-installed Windows as part of the deal.

It simply no longer pays to separate a box from it's OS

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