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  laurie53 10:41 12 Dec 2007

We were in our local farm shop the other day, and bought some "Traditional Farmhouse Recipe" Lemon Curd.

Yesterday I noticed the list of ingredients included vegetable oil, E475, Annatto, Circumin and flavourings.

Now while I can accept a bit of poetic licence, and the "flavouring" might have just been a drop of vanilla essence, though I doubt it, I was brought up in the country and I don't recall any of the local farmers' wives having large supplies of vegetable oils, E475, Annatto and Circumin lying around their kitchens!

  spuds 13:58 12 Dec 2007

Perhaps the label should have stated 'Traditional Farmhouse Recipe 2007' ;o)

Bit like one of our local non-organic butchers. He always as a very good stock of various type of sausages, like Olde Recipe Cumberland,Lamb and Leek, Country Style Herbs, Masala etc. Looking at the labels, seems to baffle you with science with all the additives. But they still taste an smell nice, during the cooking and eating process.

(Just did a spell check, and Masala comes up as Nasal. I wonder why!.)

  thms 19:14 12 Dec 2007

Just looked up the wives cookbook for lemon curd and it only has 4 ingredients.
Butter/sugar/lemon juice and eggs.

Can't be that simple can it?

  Bingalau 19:21 12 Dec 2007


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  wiz-king 19:27 12 Dec 2007

Whats wrong with a bit of seed pulp from the 'lip-stick' tree and the indian spice known as turmeric mixed with a daffy of glycerol reacted with fatty acids from palm,coconut or castor oil? Its all natural and vegan!

  Kev.Ifty 19:45 12 Dec 2007

Just think there are people in university at this moment that will earn their livihg by manipulating the English language to make sh** sound like shellac.

Thats not ordinary sh**. Thats independently produced, out door 'reared' and hand selected organic Sh**.


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