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  spikeychris 22:31 12 Apr 2007

When Margaret Thatcher passes away should she receive a state funeral?

*sensible will avoid shutdown*

  spikeychris 22:41 12 Apr 2007

Churchill was an ex PM, he died aged 90 on 24 January 1965 and a state funeral was held at St Paul's Cathedral a week later to honour his life as a great war leader.

  anskyber 22:43 12 Apr 2007

Err, no.

Churchill did, I know, but as a special thanks for his leadership during the war. I need to say straight away that there were no circumstances whatsoever which led me or would lead me now to vote for Margaret Thatcher, she divided the nation like no other PM.

She also achieved some remarkable things for this country, I think she has been along with Tony Blair the most successful post war PMs this country has enjoyed. I disliked her methods but I can applaud her success in helping to turn this country into the success it is now.

  Kev.Ifty 22:56 12 Apr 2007

I think not.

The next State Funeral should be held for the The Queen. Which God willing will be many years away.

  bluto1 23:13 12 Apr 2007

Winston Churchill led this country through WW2
and as you and anskyber said his state funeral was a special consideration of thanks for that leadership. No PM, before or after, would be deserving of such an honour despite the fact that Margaret Thatcher pulled this country out of massive internal debt.

  Spark6 23:33 12 Apr 2007

I'm surprised that, not only has FE allowed this thread, but that the responses have been so anaemic. Let's see where this one goes.

  Kate B 23:38 12 Apr 2007

*has hand clamped firmly over mouth*

  ventanas 08:48 13 Apr 2007

A women I admire more than any other. A pity there is not someone like her at the helm today.

But she did not achieve what Churchill did (the Falklands cannot be compared to WW2), so I must say no.

  €dstowe 08:49 13 Apr 2007

What is it with all of these mass outpourings of grief?

We all die and it is the concern and responsibility of our immediate friends and family to express the appropriate reaction, not the gazillions of the populace who the person(s) in question would have most likely regarded with the utmost disdain.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:55 13 Apr 2007

Let's put it this way, I will be happy to dig her grave, arrange and sell tickets for the subsequent party.


  laurie53 09:43 13 Apr 2007

Slightly off thread, but I wonder what her reaction would have been to the recent hostage crisis?

Like her or not, I doubt that there would have been the mealy mouthed apologies we saw earlier


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