National minimum wage Going Up..!!

  royalflush 12:51 07 Mar 2007

I thought this was very important to us all so ive made a post informing it does effect nearly everyone...

click here

  anchor 13:20 07 Mar 2007

17p/hour increase; such largesse!.

You must wait until October for it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:33 07 Mar 2007

Would one be correct in assuming that they will not be holding revels of Bacchanalian excess at their good fortune?


  egapup 15:28 07 Mar 2007

The rich get rich the poor get poorer, wont ever change....another true one, to them that have, it shall be given, to them that have not, it shall be taken away. £5.52 an hour, not much is it, should be £6.52 at least.

  lisa02 15:37 07 Mar 2007

Force it up and you risk businesses going bust, cutting jobs or employing people illegally.

"Claim your benefits and work for me for £3 quid an hour tax free cash in hand. Deal?"

  Bingalau 15:42 07 Mar 2007

I had to close my shop three years ago, which employed six people part time. Because I could no longer afford the wages of the staff. Small businesses which run by the skin of their teeth and keep some staff in a job, are having a hard time of it because of the constant pressure of keeping up with rules and regulations. They have enough of a job keeping open because of the large supermarkets. I used to work well in excess of a 100 hours a week because I could no longer pay the wage increases. So I sold up.

  spuds 16:17 07 Mar 2007

£5.52 per hour for a over 21 year old shelf stacker or lower scale job, or a charge of £99.95 + vat for a over 21 year old trainee solicitor. What 'wage' would you prefer?.

  DrScott 16:34 07 Mar 2007

it requires considerable more time studying, and the acquirement of a greater range of skills to become that trainee solicitor. Furthermore, the trainee sees very little of that £99 + VAT - there is a great discrepency between what the client is charged by the firm and what the firm pays the trainee.

  spuds 16:58 07 Mar 2007

I think that you may find some very highly skilled, fully trained (in other professions)shelf stacker's, toilet cleaners, rubbish collectors etc, who cannot find employment in their chosen field (immigrants comes to mind);o)

  anchor 17:09 07 Mar 2007

As DrScott says, a trainee solicitor will see very little of that £99. In fact they would be lucky to see £10.

On top of that, having already passed their 3 years law degree at University, they now must do, (and pass), a one year Legal Practice course. This will cost them anything between £7000 and £10000, (depending on the University operating the course). Only then can they be regarded as qualified solicitors.

More often than not, the principal in the solicitors office will get the trainee to do the donkey work.

I am familiar with how things operate in this field, from my contacts in the law faculty of a local University.

  Forum Editor 18:37 07 Mar 2007

"the poor get poorer, wont ever change"

Really - would you care to provide us with some statistics to show how the poor are getting poorer in this country, and how it hasn't ever changed?

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