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  [email protected] 09:24 28 May 2009

Do they still exist?
example 1: my mother is 80 next year, she had a minor health problem so called the doctors for an appointment. They don't do that anymore, the doctor telephoned my mother and Wrongly dianosed, resulting in an emergency hospital appointment.

example 2: I lost my hearing in left ear a month ago, called my doctor earliest appointment was 9 days later @ 11.40. i have very little patience and walked out of the surgury at 13.10 without having seen a doctor. i diagnosed myself as having an absys and paid for a private dentist as no nhs ones in my area were taking on new patients.

This makes me livid! if i can't get to one of my members within 45 minutes i pay someone who can. i work for a breakdown organisation!
what exactly does the two and a half grand that was taken from me last year, the year before etc etc actually pay for?

on another note my mother is disabled, last year the worcestershire county council started charging £30 a year for disabled parking, this year they put it up to £300!
it rather seems to me the innocent and honest seem to be bending over rather a lot lately!

  Armchair 09:48 28 May 2009

Our surgery opens at 8.30 am, and they get deluged with calls from people wanting appointements. If you're at work, you can't usually get away to make a call till first break, by which time there are no appointments left. When I was working day shift, I often ended up having to wait for ten to fourteen days between phoning and my appointment.

Now I'm out of work, and it's easy. Wouldn't have minded free prescriptions, too, but I'm on the wrong type of Jobseekers, so I have to pay full whack for them. :-(

  birdface 10:32 28 May 2009

Ahh. Gone are the days when Doctors were doctors and did not care about the money just the reward of helping someone who was ill.
I remember well when I was really poorly I was only about 4 or 5 years old.The doctor had been called.I think you had to pay them a shilling or something like that in those days.But my dad was away fighting in the war and my mum had no money so the doctor never ever got paid.
And I can still remembering the doctor saying to my mum if he does not get any better phone me it does not matter if it is in the middle of the night or not.
I remembered those words and still think of them today.
Doctors today are they overworked I don't think so.Maybe overpaid.I have had quite a few friends and family pass away because the doctors were far to slow to send them for X-rays etc.But would give them medicine hoping the cough or pain would go away.
I think it is time the government stepped in to improve the service as the waiting time for an appointment is ridicules in some surgery's.

  Armchair 10:38 28 May 2009

I don't think GPs are overworked. My own GP is often away on holiday when I try to make an appointment with him. Not like they're wearing themselves out physically, sitting in a spotlessly clean air conditioned room.

They must be on damned good salaries, too, judging by the assortment of luxury vehicles in the parking bays reserved for doctors.

  Cymro. 10:40 28 May 2009

The British N.H.S. is one of the largest organisations of it`s kind in Europe and so employs thousands of people and treats even more thousands of patients. There are bound to be complaints about any such large organisation.

Now for reasons that I don`t have to go in to I and my family have probably made more use of the NHS than many. Yes, I have also had my complaints from time to time, but all in all the NHS has looked after me and my family very well.

It is something that we in the UK should be proud of. I doubt if there is a better health care system anywhere else. We do pay a lot in taxation to keep the NHS running but what is the alternative?

I assume that none of us would like to adopt the system they have in some countries such as America where they first check your health insurance before they check your health. People on this forum are forever complaining about paying too much tax. Do they think the NHS is ran on fresh air.

We like all countries have plenty of things to criticise and the NHS has plenty of room for improvement but all in all I have found the NHS to be an excellent organisation.

  Armchair 11:23 28 May 2009

So why aren't the people running it making the necessary improvements? That's what we should be asking.

  MAJ 11:41 28 May 2009

Any time I drive past the surgery, it's always the same faces that are there, they must phone the appointment line constantly to get the appointments. Then you see them later out [briskly] walking their dogs while CARRYING their walking sticks. There's something wrong somewhere.

On a happier note, our (Northern Ireland) prescription charges have been lowered, not sure to what exactly, but a 4-monthly cert now costs around £9, last year it cost £30-odd, next year prescription charges are to be abolished (if all goes well). Keep the money coming please.

  john bunyan 11:41 28 May 2009

"I doubt if there is a better health care system anywhere else. We do pay a lot in taxation to keep the NHS running but what is the alternative"

Have you lived anywhere else in the EU? I think the German, Dutch and French have better services. Forget the USA and compare with EU peer groups. Too long to relate here but the Dutch system is a very good one to consider copying.No one doubts the skill and enthusiasm of most people in the NHS but the rates of MRSA, waiting times and cost inefficiencies are a few examples of how we compare to others in Europe. The recent large pay rise for GP's does not seem to have been matched by a better service.

  Cymro. 11:44 28 May 2009

"So why aren't the people running it making the necessary improvements?"

NHS workers are among the hardest working and often the lowest paid people in the country. To even think of doing such work must show a level of commitment that would be beyond most of us.

If our politicians showed half as much commitment to the NHS as they do to claiming their expenses things would be a lot better. The people who are in the end running the NHS and it with them that the buck must stop.

  Cymro. 11:50 28 May 2009

So how is the health service in other European countries paid for then? In the end we can only get what we pay for and if politicians and the general public are not willing to finance the health service then it will never be up to the desired standard.

  Armchair 12:17 28 May 2009

GPs and consultants? I don't think so.

Lowest paid people in the country are factory workers, who often do damned hard work for little reward. I know from experience.

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