The National Grid

  Input Overload 16:06 24 Dec 2009

click here Interesting short video.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:07 24 Dec 2009

errrrmmmm...don't they do this every Xmas as it is part of their job...or am I missing something?

ps...the video was triple dull.

  Input Overload 18:02 24 Dec 2009

They do it all year, maybe some didn't know how the grid works?

the video was triple dull. - In your opinion.

  cycoze 18:14 24 Dec 2009

I did not know how it worked so different to see.

Had a two day power-cut last week, then the power off again last night for a few hours, bit different with cables coming down and a sub station exploding.

On the Christmas side, my Wife will be in work tomorrow, she nearly gets the Christmas day shift every year, no extra pay due to her contract, but she is happy to do it, cook in small hospital unit / social care.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:24 24 Dec 2009

'the video was triple dull. - In your opinion'..of course it is my opinion, I wrote it.


  lotvic 18:40 24 Dec 2009

The National Grid
Input Overload

Hmmm... had a chuckle when I read that :D

  zzzz999 06:52 25 Dec 2009

Its good to be reminded of those who have to work Christmas day so that the rest of us can enjoy our time off

Here's to them


  Input Overload 08:58 25 Dec 2009


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