National disaster hits UK

  Dragon_Heart 02:51 21 Dec 2010

Could we cope ?

We have a few mm’s of snow in the UK and the country grinds to a halt ( no disrespect to the gritting gangs I feel they do a grand job ).

What if we had a true national disaster in the UK, would we be able to cope ?

OK you can’t keep extra staff available ‘just in case’ but would the police be able to keep law and order, what about the NHS, the hospitals, A & E dept’s, food, water and fuel supplies ?

  Kevscar1 07:12 21 Dec 2010

We had a National Disaster for 13 yrs. We coped.

  Terry Brown 07:38 21 Dec 2010

It is not public knowledge, but I stronly suspect there are emergency plans, which would include using the armed forces, rationing and curfews to impose Law and Order without the necessary steps we now take for granted.

As an example- Look at the events in Northern Ireland until recently.

  john 52 07:42 21 Dec 2010

I presume that you were suggesting the NHS on its knees and a new government saved it !

  john 52 07:59 21 Dec 2010

Its been a bad year for air travel and the companies involved in this with the recent bad weather and the disruption through the summer with the ash cloud .

  jack O'lantern 08:09 21 Dec 2010

It is quite plain to me that though there may be schemes and plans in place to deal with some form of emergancies - if a total event happend then we will be struggling- we will get through -eventually but it will be tough- as you said yourv self it is impossible to cover all aspects-
Take energancy vehicles -Amulance and Fire - if there are ten[let us say] available at a location and all are on call - the call eleven is going to have to wait.
This is being highlighted now in the 7/7 enquiry, where the relative of a victim complained that although he was calling for help he was passed by my emergancy workers to deal with others.
Life is a bitch for some if they are caught up in such a situation.

  morddwyd 08:26 21 Dec 2010

Although there has been a lot of snow it is not a national disinter, the country might have slowed, but it has not ground to a halt.

While events at Heathrow have an effect on a large number of people, not just holidaymakers but people like the FE who depend on it for their livelihood, it is time the BBC realised that the world does not begin and end at Heathrow, and many millions are just getting on with things and making the best of it.

  Quickbeam 08:31 21 Dec 2010

It's not just Britain, my sister near Milan tells me that they're having the same problems.

It'll never make sense to pay for equipment that's only required on an average of once every 30 years. Grin and bear it, nothing will change while we expect to have more mild winters than this one.

In another 20 years we'll reminisce about the 'Great Freeze of 2010/11'.

  interzone55 09:40 21 Dec 2010

The emergency services in each town have comprehensive plans in place for several disaster scenarios, including planes crashing into built-up areas, widespread fires, disease and terrorist attacks.

These plans are tested and revised on a regular basis.

On the day of the London attacks a group of emergency personnel, MOD officials and security consultants were meeting to discuss the possibility and effects of a distributed terrorist attack on London. One of the consultants was due to present a scenario involving attacks on tube trains and buses...

  Forum Editor 10:01 21 Dec 2010

national disasters tend to produce national responses - the well-known phenomenon of the citizens of a nation banding together to face a common problem.

It happens in times of war, and when natural disasters occur; people tend to lay aside their personal problems to an extent, and work together for the common good. Those who remember the last world war and Falklands conflict will be familiar with it, and will know that it would happen again, should we be faced with a national crisis.

All of which makes me wonder why we haven't seen more of it during the current financial crisis.

  Woolwell 11:06 21 Dec 2010

Every County Council and Unitary Authority have emergency plans and usually an emergency officer. They keep plans for all major events and exercise those plans, meeting with emergency services. There is also the Civil Contingencies Act. We will almost certainly cope better than you expect.

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