National BTEC Award in Computer Engineering course

  corryboy 23:01 17 Aug 2010

Hi all I have just come across a company called kanduit. They are offering a course called:

The National BTEC Award in Computer Engineering, it says it is the first UK Nationally recognised qualification in Computer Assembly, Repairs and Maintenance.

Could anybody tell me if this course is any good? also how does it compare to the Comptia A+ award?

I would like to work in IT and would like to work in this area, dont want to waste money on courses that are no good.

Cheers Jonny boy!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:17 17 Aug 2010

Jobs in this area are as rare as hen's teeth. You will be wasting your money.


  ridicle 08:55 18 Aug 2010

I take its these people click here

  corryboy 09:35 18 Aug 2010

Yea it is them.

  corryboy 13:01 18 Aug 2010

Yea ridicle Thats the company who is offering the courses. Do u know if its any good?

  corryboy 13:21 18 Aug 2010

Yea ridicle Thats the company who is offering the courses. Do u know if its any good?

  corryboy 13:24 18 Aug 2010

Yea ridicle Thats the company who is offering the courses. Do u know if its any good?

  onthelimit2 15:51 18 Aug 2010

considering they are university, they should be good however, uni's are now more than ever before.

I just did a search under the university of hull and kandu it is listed.

click here

i havent been on a computer BTEC course, however BTEC were very good at one time so i wish you the best of luck in your courses.

  wee eddie 16:25 18 Aug 2010

Look for the kind of job that BTEC would make available and apply.

Make a fake CV which includes BTEC with good Grade and see what replies you get. You may need to follow up by phone. Do this on your Mobile.

This should give you an idea of what value potential Employers put on it.

  961 16:41 18 Aug 2010

My daughter took a BTEC course many years ago at the time when school leavers were offered YTS jobs at not very much

At the time it cost her as little as a fiver but she went on to get the certificate followed by ajob

Currently she is studying for a degree in business management and the BTEC cert from all those years ago enables her to avoid 7 of the 16 parts of the course that she needs to pass

So BTEC is a well recognised qualification

You may well find that many organisations offer the course apart from kanduit

see click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:47 18 Aug 2010

'considering they are university, they should be good however'...the devil is in the is based in a business park ON a university campus and has naff all to do with the Uni apart from the address. Check out some of the other 'businesses' there....Oooops, I get 'Internal Server Error' when I just tried to log on. Perhaps they need some good systems admin. :-)

The BTEC courses are well respected but that, in itself, does not guarantee a job. The course is aimed at repairing desktop/lap[top computers for home and small businesses. Just check and see how many local repairers there are for these will be your competition. Then phone each of them with an 'urgent' repair to see how quick they can complete it - this will indicate how busy they are. If you are thinking of going into a large company as a sys admin they will require much more experience and you will be fighting for very, very poorly paid jobs with many others who will have much higher quals. We are hitting a great impending spending cull so Local Authorities, the usual place of choice for sys admins, will be cutting staff like there is no tomorrow.

treat the course as a learning start but do not expect a job nor give up a job for it or you WILL regret it.

A local business here advertised for a sys admin (which was basically a clerk's job. The pay was £14K and they had 200+ applicants of which half were incredibly highly qualified for the post. This was 2 months ago and things have not improved since.


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