Nasty forums, try "The Archers"

  Muergo 13:27 21 Jul 2011

Browsing through the old threads on this forum, to which I have not posted before, I see a long discussion initiated by the Forum Editor about bitchy interchanges.

You should try the main "Archers" message board if you want to experience it frequently among a large handful of regulars who will bite your hand off if you should wish to venture into their circle.

Nevertheless it is quite amusing to watch at a distance, I am not revealing my BBC username in case one of them is monitoring this site as I am an inveterate coward.

  interzone55 13:54 21 Jul 2011

Without wishing to offend you Muergo, I do find that Archers fans, just like Trekkies, Batfans and Beliebers, can be very protective of their little world.

This usually involves the object of the ardor being incapable of doing wrong (just like a protective mother), and protecting it from verbal or physical assaults...

  Muergo 14:28 21 Jul 2011

Oh they can hurl assaults all the time at the scriptwriters and have been trying to get rid of the editor for ages, the Christmas episode with Nigel Pargitter being killed off falling from the roof was the last straw, a "publicity stunt" by the BBC with all kinds of suggestions as to how to resurrect him, a popular figure.

So their "little world" as you say is even supposedly under threat from its creators.

  Aitchbee 18:28 21 Jul 2011

With the bbc in mind - their weather forecast for Glasgow tonight was and still is 'white cloud'. It has been raining very heavily for the past half hour.Come on beeb ...could do better.

  morddwyd 20:34 21 Jul 2011

Big Archers fan - my only soap - download the omnibus and listen in the car every week without fail, and can go back as far as the fire that killed Grace (though didn't download that one!).

Haven't tried the message board, I might give it a try "from a distance"!

Trouble is that if you only listen to the omnibus, bits get discussed which you haven't yet listened to.

  Bald Eagle 20:47 21 Jul 2011

On holiday in France years ago all we could get was medium and long wave. So it was Archers and cricket. As soon as our youngsters heard Barwick Green start they ran to turn the radio off. 1 franc for the winner!!

  Forum Editor 23:14 21 Jul 2011

Although we have our moments we are mere beginners,compared to lots of other forums,when it comes to "bitchy interchanges".

The relative anonymity afforded by the internet seems to make some people abandon any semblance of self-control or maturity - they launch into the most savage attacks on complete strangers at the slightest provocation.

For many, civilisation is a wafer-thin veneer.

  Bald Eagle 08:18 22 Jul 2011

Well said FE! I'm on one forum in particular in Brittany that used to be "ruled" by some very objectionable men. I have one major rule for forums, do not mix with alcohol!!!

  Aitchbee 09:02 22 Jul 2011

I only listen to Radio4...and that includes The Archers.(The signature tune always cheers me up - especially after the 7pm news.) Has there been any talk of the badger cull.They always incorporate the latest issues into the scripts.I always prick-up my ears to what Jessa is saying as he adds a Scotish touch to the radio soap.

  Aitchbee 20:44 22 Jul 2011

I went on to the Archers Website and had a look at 'Jazzer'. He did not match up to my imagined character. That is the magic of radio. The website is superfluous.

  Muergo 21:20 22 Jul 2011

Yours and mine images of Jazzer who is portrayed as a hard bitten womaniser is nothing like his real character although a little of this came through last Christmas when he, Ryan Kelly, showed he has a good singing voice and plays the guitar, he is also blind.

PC Advisor forums ie Helproom is not short of wrist slappers but, in the main, is very tolerant to beginners and non techhie users who need to be coached in some basics that they could esily have referenced elsewhere, I am guilty of this.

Others, however, do not have the time or inclination to spend large chunks of their life hunched over a keyboard in front of a small screen, now and then I feel, that they should not "stop and smell the flowers" but rather get out and do it in the fresh air.

I have just booked two weeks away next month and a sort of nervousness has overtaken me when I contemplate being adrift away from my instant information source, but I will steel myself to this "task" and watch the ships go by steered by their Global Positioning and not a map and compass.

What would happen if the North Koreans decided to knock out several key satellites? would the world stop and how would my plane get me home?

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