Is Naomi C. a Heroine

  wee eddie 12:01 04 Apr 2008

and done what many passengers at Terminal 5 would have liked to have done had they had the "cojones".

Now, before you get on your high horse, I know that it was bad luck on the unfortunates that got in her way, but they should now be suing their Bosses for creating the situation that allowed such levels of stress to build up.

  interzone55 12:06 04 Apr 2008

I hope you're not being serious.

There is no possible way that anyone can be excused for spitting in someone's face. Naomi Campbell is a spoilt brat who should be taught that being famous does not mean that you can treat other human beings like something you just scraped off your Jimmy Choos

  lofty29 12:06 04 Apr 2008

As I understand it a heroine is somone who selflessly does something to help others at considerable risk to themsaelves, hardly an apt description of this person one would think. I dare not post what I think of her, the FE would be down on me like a ton of bricks

  joel6429 12:10 04 Apr 2008

I agree with lofty29-hardly brave of her but good personal publicity (any publicity is good publicity!)

  Quiller. 12:15 04 Apr 2008


If she DID spit into someones face, police officer or not, lets hope she will be locked up this time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:22 04 Apr 2008

The woman is a vulgar chav.


  wee eddie 12:29 04 Apr 2008

Why should we put up with such appalling service.

I assume that either she, or her employers, had spent a large sum of money to transport her and her bags (possibly containing the tools of her trade) from A to B. Part of which BA had failed to do.

Why do we accept such service and just grin and bare it?

  barca1 12:33 04 Apr 2008

Having her number i often want to call her & ask her to "Get a Grip"..
PS I wont be giving it out...:-)

  lofty29 12:36 04 Apr 2008

Wee eddie
There is a considerable difference between reasonable protest and assulting a police officer

  Quiller. 12:37 04 Apr 2008

'Why do we accept such service and just grin and bare it?'

So do we rant and rave and then spit into the face of the bus driver or train conductor if they are late or cancelled?

  spuds 12:37 04 Apr 2008

I think wee eddie may have posted this, with tongue in cheek ;o)

Reading some of the media reports, it appears that she was informed that one her bags may have been missing, hence the tantrum (cue personal assistant).

I wonder what would have happened, if all the other passengers had taken the same attitude problem, over the past few days. It would not have been a rejection off an aircraft, more like an airport closure, no aircraft and a riot squad.

Following her regular spats, I think a little more than a few fines and working for a Sanitation Department is required. A couple of months doing a Paris Hilton in grim prison conditions might help. Celebrities reunite!.

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