Mystery of loud humming noise heard over city?

  Uboat 12:28 28 Oct 2010

Guys hello, This happened lastnight (wed) I witnessed this sound around 1:50am, it lasted for around 5/6 mins and returned some time later?

looking at the comments on the story it really sound like a old WW2 bomber, the noise just didnt go away like a normal plane, The MOD/Police & several airports have stated there was nothing in the air localy at that time?

click here

Any ideas..?


  sunnystaines 12:31 28 Oct 2010

could it be

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  Uboat 12:41 28 Oct 2010

sunnystaines/fourm member hiya guys, Thousands of people from afar as doncaster/goole & grimbsy heard it so i doubt its either of your suggestions but thankx....

  Woolwell 12:42 28 Oct 2010

What was the weather like and in particular what was the wind direction and speed? Noise carries and in some cases over quite a distance.

  ella33 12:47 28 Oct 2010

This probably isn't the answer in your case, but when something similar happened here, it was a grey, cloudy day and it turned out that it was the air ambulance looking for a motorbike accident, so it was going round for a few minutes. As it was obscured by cloud I wondered how they found their target but as it was fairly low it sounded like a cherokee fighter or whatever they are.

  birdface 12:53 28 Oct 2010

An old report from elsewhere.

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  Uboat 14:36 28 Oct 2010

Hi thankx for your replies! here is a link to EXACTLY what it sounded like, apart from the last 10 seconds as this plane flew overhead the sound is a absolute replica of the sound...its causing quite a stir up here belive me...its on tv and the media are in a bit of a frenzy over what exactly it was.?

click here

  Uboat 14:44 28 Oct 2010

btw two things to take into account is, if you notice this plane on the link is quite far away and within just over one min it had been and gone! this sound lastnight lasted TEN mins..??

Also the last point was the MOD/Airport/Police said nothing was on radar or in the air,tens of thousands of people heard this from almost 40 miles away as the crow flies, i would bet my life it was a plane the sound was EXACTLY the same as one & everyone that heard it is saying the same...

  birdface 15:02 28 Oct 2010

You sure it was not my wife snoring I am sure it could be heard over a hundred miles away in Hull.

I must admit I have heard similar but assumed it to be a police helicopter but sounded just like your click here.
Just sounded like a plane flying low and you thought it was about to crash with the engine noise it was making.
Once again early mornings.

  johndrew 15:13 28 Oct 2010

Based on some threads, could it have been mass groaning over the north/south divide :-)))

  spuds 15:48 28 Oct 2010

Could it have been someone using one of those sonic toothbrushes like you see advertised on television?.

Or perhaps a laser display with sound?.

Or perhaps a wind farm (sound travels given the right conditions)?.

Not humming, but I have experience one of the many earthquakes that occur in the UK at times. A rather unnerving sequence to events.

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