A mystery Christmas gift -from the library

  jack O'lantern 10:06 25 Dec 2010

Testerday- remembered to take library books back, and make a new selection for the holiday.
As I came to the desk for the peronable young librarian to stamp me out- she indicated a table by the Christmas tree saying - pick a present - lets see if we can change your reading hasbits.
On the table a pile of gift wrapped objects, each labelled with a reference number- I took my pick and she logged the reference against my name.
What did I get?
Dunno yet, its in the p[ile of pressies for opening later today.
Meanwhile an E-mail came in telling me that a title I had reserved was in to collect- Book 3 of the Shtig Larsen trilogy -'The girl who kicked the hornets nest.
Will go get it next week.

  spuds 18:24 25 Dec 2010

Might the surprise be a book from a possible clear-out. Our local library have regular clear-outs at 25p each book or £1.00 for a carrier bag full. Problem is,there never seems to be many takers, possibly the book contents put people off?.

When the girl took the reference number, I hope that it hasn't gone on record as a returns in the New Year ;o)

  jack O'lantern 14:10 28 Dec 2010

The package had a reference number on it and is logged out to me a normal 'borrowing'
So I guess I will have to give it a try before I give it back.

  wee eddie 14:29 28 Dec 2010

and the reason is that, although I enjoy reading, I do not wish the Flat to be cluttered with anymore books that it already is.

Maybe there are others like me out there.

  Forum Editor 14:54 28 Dec 2010

"I do not wish the Flat to be cluttered with anymore books that it already is."

click here

  spuds 15:58 28 Dec 2010

I am one of theses lives hoarders of books. Never hardly read them, and virtually never to completion, except Jaws. But I am a sucker where charity shops come into being.

Just purchased a full set (?) of really big chunky and old published books on WW1 (Lost my previous set in the 1960's) from the Sally-Ann charity shop. Now those books really do portray 'the' events as they happened, and hopefully will now remain in my possession, until past on to future generations?.

  Jameslayer 17:35 28 Dec 2010

FE is kindle. I may change to kindle or something one day but I like having the books. And the smell of them.

  tullie 17:53 28 Dec 2010

My books dont smell

  tullie 17:55 28 Dec 2010

I too love my Kindle,Amazon,can i please get a free gift?

  wee eddie 20:07 28 Dec 2010

It lacks the serendipity factor of browsing in the library.

First I check the Returns Shelves, then the New Arrivals Shelves, followed by the Weeks Recommendations and finally, if all of that produces nothing of interest, I'll hit the SF Section or the Historical Novels. I tried a Western 'The Virginian' last week but it lit no fire. I'll finish it eventually.

The thought of committing myself to buying a Title is alien to my mindset.

  Quiller. 22:46 16 May 2011

We now have a community library. It is staffed by volunteers from the village and has a self service check out. We all contribute in a small way to the library or the computer room.

The redundant red phone box adjacent to the library is full with contributed books and magazines free for any one to take. The can can keep them or return them after use and leave any books or mags they are finished with.

A volunteer checks each day to see the phone box is clean and tidy.

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