MySpace/Best music group

  royalflush 00:53 05 Jun 2007

just updating my profile on Myspace & i hit a brick wall when trying to think of music that i loved,

so i picked:

Robert Plant
Def Leppard
Johnny cash
Bronski beat
The Christians
U2(Old material)
sissor sisters
level 42
Phil Collins/Genesis

That was my top 10

Care to add...??

  Forum Editor 06:55 05 Jun 2007

There's no hope for you.

  royalflush 09:00 05 Jun 2007

hehe thankx FE, but i thought you was in your late 40's..??? nearly everyone of that age bracket likes phil collins...

  dukeboxhero 16:18 05 Jun 2007

i think i would need to add chriss isaacs
ry cooder
wishbone ash
and rory gallagher

  Kate B 16:25 05 Jun 2007

You're committing a class libel! Not everyone in their late 40s (or mid 40s) likes Phil Collins.

  Bingalau 17:52 05 Jun 2007

Who's Phil Collins?

  Kate B 17:55 05 Jun 2007

Carry on in blissful ignorance, Bingalau ;-)

  Joe R 18:05 05 Jun 2007


got to admit i'm in my late forties, but also got to admit I don't like Phil Collins in his solo mode.

Just too bland for my taste. ( I like genesis though, pre 1977 Gabriel times, and afterwards when Phil Collins took over lead vocals ).

  Forum Editor 18:15 05 Jun 2007

Let's talk of other things.......

Like Ry Cooder. Ever heard his version of 'All shook up'?

No? You haven't lived.

  Bingalau 18:16 05 Jun 2007

Kate B. I assume he is something to do with music.
When I saw the name I got three initials flashing in my head "IRA".

  Fred the flour grader 20:51 07 Jun 2007

Never mind Phil Collins, anyone who mentions Def Leppard in the same category as Bronski Beat has got to have a diverse taste.


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