My Sony C5 Beta recorder

  pj123 16:03 07 Jan 2008

has finally packed up. I have been steadily transferring my Beta tapes to DVD but I still have about 60 left to go.

Never mind, I thought. I could probably get a Beta recorder off eBay for about a tenner!!!

There is only one on eBay at £11.50 with a delivery charge of £15. It still has 6 days to go but I am "watching" it.

Any Forum member got a beta that I could buy, borrow or steal please?

The only other alternative I know is:

click here

£10 per tape plus £4 postage.

  anskyber 16:11 07 Jan 2008

Sorry no. But you take me back to the famous day when I chose the wrong horse. Betamax was much superior to VHS but ultimately failed.

My machine ended up in a skip. Sony and others do seem to be winning the Blu Ray/HDDVD battle though.

  pj123 16:46 07 Jan 2008

anskyber, well my very first video recorder was a Philips 2000, record one side turn it over record the other side. Wrong!

Next was a Betamax recorder which, as you say was far superior quality. I have something like 140 Beta tapes. Lots of them with recordings from the TV that won't happen again. Wrong again!

Now working on my VHS tapes until I can find another Beta recorder.

  Bapou 17:03 07 Jan 2008

That took me back somewhat, my first VCR was a Sony Betamax, £450 as I recall. Excellent machine,quality picture.

Not long after we moved house, within 6 weeks, away for the weekend, a burglar took advantage of our absence. As well as the TV my precious Betamax was missing but left the tapes. Our son said the burglar would probably return and leave the VCR at the front door with a note attached saying he could not buy any compatible tapes.

He never did but the insurance people were understanding.

  Quickbeam 18:17 07 Jan 2008

Keep your ears open. The local talk will be of the imbecile that nicked a Betamax... and then tried to sell it on as high tech kit :)

  Forum Editor 18:33 07 Jan 2008

click here

Might be of interest.

  Stuartli 19:23 07 Jan 2008

With all due respects the Philips/Grundig VCR2000 system was far superior even to Betamax.

I used to review VCRs from around the time of their arrival in the home and throughout the 1980s - VCR2000 was the tops, the excellent Betamax second and VHS a very poor third (only Radio Rentals 600+ stores sales power and Ferguson's tie-up with JVC for re-badged VCRs gave it such impact).

  anskyber 19:55 07 Jan 2008

Yep, and that was the turning point, the rental market was so strong in those days it in the end determined the fate of the dominant format.

  laurie53 20:18 07 Jan 2008

Couldn't agree more about V2000.

I had three, two Phillips and a Grundig, and only finally got rid of it, as beyond economical repair, less than ten years ago.

  IClaudio 01:12 08 Jan 2008

27 squid for a Betamax? They were several hundred a few years ago, and built like a battleship... Just buy one!

  interzone55 12:17 08 Jan 2008

I used to work in a video library in the mid / late 80's

We had a grand total of 5 films on V2000, about 20 beta and literally thousands on VHS.

btw it wasn't radio rentals & Ferguson that killed betamax, it was the us porn studios, they could by VHS cameras much cheaper than Sony Betacams, so that's what they used. If Sony had released a range of cheap cameras they market might have been very different.

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