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  chub_tor 21:51 20 Jun 2011

Maybe this has already been posted but I couldn't find it in Search; My Posts seems to be working perfectly. No double or triple items, the date and time last answered, in fact it is now a very useful tool.

  bremner 21:59 20 Jun 2011

That is much better.

  Kevscar1 06:52 21 Jun 2011

Just wish they had My Threads as well. Lot easier than having to trawl through evey post.

  Nontek 07:45 21 Jun 2011

Hoorah!! Though I do agree with comment about 'My Threads'.

  wee eddie 10:18 21 Jun 2011

At long last ~ My first point of contact, once again.

Congratulations PCA Team

  simonjary 10:44 21 Jun 2011

Hi, everyone.

Apologies for the delays but we've been working on getting all the Forum amends implemented. We got through about a hundred this weekend!

We will be adding Threads to My Posts - watch this space.

Please let us know if any other parts need fixing, and we'll do our best to nail these as soon as we can. As ever, all suggestions welcomed.


Simon Publisher, PC Advisor

  Quickbeam 11:31 21 Jun 2011

Is it on the cards for the Last Response XXX Minutes Ago hyperlink to go straight to the past post page of long threads?

  Covergirl 12:55 21 Jun 2011

Excellent! About time too.

Last Response column is working, and one line per thread (not one line for each post) is a good move.

Quickbeam - I'll second that. That feature looks possible in each Forums Index page (but not working as desired yet), but it's still a text value (not a hyperlink) in My Posts.

The AM/PM has returned too (I noticed this a couple of weeks ago).

ChubTor - Quote: "No double or triple items, the date and time last answered" - This seems to have been changed since you originally posted - it now says how long ago.

Simon Jary - I hate to sound disparaging, but it seems like very little has been done for 10 weeks since the new website came in, apart from emergency repairs (and a new server 2 weeks ago, of course). Are you actively trying to scare people away??? You are telling us you got through around 100 fixes this weekend - well there can't be many more than that, although there probably are when you look at the whole site. Here's one for starters :

The By Votes and By Date buttons are partially covered by the OPs original post - Click Here - at least, they are in IE7. Messy

Can we get the chaps working this weekend as well - to try get the job finished off please? I've been on the point of abandoning ship, but seeing the fixes coming in, I'm now keeping my eye out for more improvements sooner rather than later.


  bremner 13:18 21 Jun 2011


I have noticed over the last few days that I continually get the dreaded "Please Wait" hang when posting from my iPad, something that does not happen on my iMac in Firefox.

This had been the case before the server upgrade but has only reappeared in the last couple of days.

  Quickbeam 13:28 21 Jun 2011

I still get the "Please Wait" in Firefox if more than one tab is open on the PCA site.

  simonjary 13:38 21 Jun 2011

Bremmer, We're looking into the 'Please Wait' problems.

Covergirl, I can assure you that we amended a hell of a lot of things in the forums alone – a lot of stuff that was requested here. And we're still on stuff, and happy to look at more. We had a windows of decent developer time last weekend, and will look at anything else still outstanding if you point it out here.


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