My Posting - getting better

  pj123 17:14 05 Nov 2005

Only 1 minute 48 seconds to get into My Postings this time.

Can we delete some more please. Maybe only keep the last 6 months on the site?

  Al94 21:05 05 Nov 2005

Just tried, 33 seconds!

  TOPCAT® 21:57 05 Nov 2005

I see hundreds of my postings have been deleted in the past, which is a good thing and should certainly help the server. My 'starting' date now commences on 30/05/05. TC.

  Forum Editor 22:06 05 Nov 2005

in order to make them load faster. There's a trade off here - either we have lists that are so short they are of little help (but load fast), or we have a reasonable length and a slower loading time.

We think that we're probably about right at the moment - the lists may take a little while to load, but you can probably get on with something else while you wait.

  watchful 22:20 05 Nov 2005

Very fast for me after just upgrading to BB :o)

  HondaMan 22:23 05 Nov 2005

2.8 secs!

  Skills 22:40 05 Nov 2005

Mines alot quicker too

  pj123 11:49 06 Nov 2005

This posting must have done the trick!!

Today My Postings are there within a blink of the eye.

This one ticked.

  TOPCAT® 13:16 06 Nov 2005

1 minute 10 seconds to load just now. Can you kill of all but 1 month's postings please, FE?

I've spent time doing other things like blowing my nose, but it's getting quite sore now!! :o)) TC.

  pj123 14:24 06 Nov 2005

I think it all depends on the time of day you try to access My Postings. If there are a lot of members logged on then it would slow it down.

I assume Sunday morning a lot of people would be in Church. I'm not a believer so I don't go to Church.

But at this time of day still got in below 3 seconds.

  freaky 16:10 09 Nov 2005

I would have thought - correct me if I am wrong. That the speed variance's quoted above, would be dependent on the number of post's per individual forum member.

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