My PC won't turn on?!

  Zipiffy 13:30 03 Mar 2014

Hey. Today I attempted to turn my PC on, and found out it's gone completely bunk, nothing happens at all, nothing, no lights no fans nothing.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened prior to this happening, but my suspicion at the moment is the PSU (PowerSupply) which I hope with a passion it's not as I'm completely broke and NEED my PC for college.

This has broken my heart and I'm extremely sad that my PC would let me down at this moment in time, I'm usually interested when my PC dies as it gives me an excuse to upgrade, but now my wallets slowly collecting dust, I feel like crying haha.

So, if you know any reasons why it couldn't turn on, please give any input possible

Thank you soooooooo much!

EDIT: I have made sure all power switches we're correctly turned on and I have tried different power cables from the PC to the AC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 03 Mar 2014

EDIT: I have made sure all power switches we're correctly turned on and I have tried different power cables from the PC to the AC.

Then you are probably correct with your diagnosis of PSU failure

Have you tested the mains socket by plugging in something else?

Motherboard failure could also cause a Totaly dead PC.

You may get better replies when the FE moves this thread to the Help room.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:03 03 Mar 2014

Missed the obvious - a defunt power button can also cause the problem

if you momentarily short the power button terminals on the MBoard the PSU should power up if it is OK

  Zipiffy 14:05 03 Mar 2014

I have a Corsair CX 750W psu. I tend not to cheap on components especially the PSU ahah.

  Zipiffy 14:20 03 Mar 2014

"Yep decent PSU. You must have quite a rig to need all that power."

Nothing too great special,

FX-8 8320 (8Core) @ 4.20GHz 7870 2GB Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB WD 1TB 6GbB/s

The PSU is mainly their for future upgrades, make sure I don't need to upgrade anytime soon and what-not

  Zipiffy 15:23 03 Mar 2014

Unfortunately not yet, I'm at college at the moment on a break. I finish at 4 and I'll post back the results of the short trick. Thanks for your help guys, have some confidence this is the issue as the power button has been a tiny bit sketchy for sometime.

I'll post the results at around 4/4:30 (British time. In 2 hours)

Thanks people, your all a massive help

  Zipiffy 11:37 04 Mar 2014

Tried the short trick, unfortunately nothing happened. Looks like my diagnosis seems the only reasonable solution. Purchasing a new PSU would be a fairly big issue, but something which needs to be done non-the-less. It would be even more of a pain if I found out it wasn't my PSU. Is their anyway to get a solid idea if my PSU is broken without putting it in a different system, or using that tool which MechKB mentioned?

  bumpkin 13:06 04 Mar 2014

If you have or can borrow a multimeter, with the power lead connected to the PSU check at the prongs on the plug for continuity between live and neutral for starters.

  bumpkin 14:08 04 Mar 2014

Another thing to try is to short out pins 15 and 16 on the 24pin MB connector and see if the fan runs. This won't mean it is working properly but a least you will know that there is power in.

  Zipiffy 15:21 04 Mar 2014

I think investing in a PSU tester would be a wise investment. I've tried shorting all the case fans and CPU fan with no luck. Looks like the PSU seems to be the culprit. Could the mobo be the issue or would power still run through it?

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