My old 486

  jimv7 19:57 30 May 2007

Well my old 486 has had another face lift, a new case, amd 6000cpu, new psu, new sata2 hard drives, motherboard and 2gb ddr2.

And with reverence I put in the last screw to hold the motherboard in place, this screw has been through all the upgrades from the now lowly 486 to its newest form.

A real case of Triggers original broom.

  wallbash 20:26 30 May 2007

Sounds if you have a screw loose!!!
But must admit to still holding on to a genuine 386

Computers were much more fun in those days.
Using Vista but OH for the joys of 3.1
( not forgetting a 'B' drive.)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:37 30 May 2007

Still got and use an ITS 286 "laptop"

Joke is it is bigger and heavier than my Medion desktop.

  Aargh 11:24 31 May 2007

Anyone want to borrow my DOS 6.2 user guide?

  bjh 09:13 01 Jun 2007

I have an UNOPENED polywrapped Dos 6.2 set of disks and manual, ditto for Win 3.1, and I still have the computer that went with them, and it still works perfectly!

The only component that has been changed in all that time was the keyboard that suffered from a revolting coffee spill as I choked on some amusing anecdote posted on a (different) forum.

I regularly "borrow" the 3½" floppy for the other odd modern computer that lacks this advanced feature!

  bjh 09:15 01 Jun 2007

(PS) .... that doesn't mean to say I haven't also choked with laughter reading THIS forum....

  Ex plorer 13:01 02 Jun 2007

I love the old 28 38 48 6s and collect them and try to rebuild them back to original spec my latest find is a lap top Amstrad ALT 386SX 16 MHz 2MB Ram in its original carton with all software etc.
It wont power up so I am looking for a second unit that I can swop the PSU or alternatively swap the lot over into the new unmarked case.

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