My niece had an accident.

  pj123 16:55 05 Sep 2007

When surfing with a surf board (not internet surfing).

It broke two of her teeth. She is 19 years old.

She has just been told that to replace these teeth will cost £2000 each. Total £4000!!

Why doesn't the NHS cover eyes and teeth.

I am registered with an NHS Dentist but I still have to pay whenever I visit.

Being over 60 I do get an eye test for free but I still have to pay for the glasses.

What happened to all my NIS money that I paid in when I was working?

  sunny staines 17:13 05 Sep 2007

sounds steep for two caps get a second quote

  Jak_1 17:18 05 Sep 2007

Did she just break them or are they totally unsalvagable? I had two crowns fitted earlier this year on broken teeth at a total cost of £189, now £194 with an HS Dentist.The charges you quote seem to be that for private dental work!

  Jak_1 17:19 05 Sep 2007

Whoops, for HS read NHS.

  Riojaa 17:21 05 Sep 2007

For the 4 grand she could go on a long holiday to Poland, or maybe India, and get the teeth done and have some change left over over for some hard toffees to suck.

  irishrapter 18:21 05 Sep 2007

Get her to check her Holiday insurance, maybe it will cover some of the cost?

  spuds 18:31 05 Sep 2007

Last year the NHS dentist I use did a little work on a wisdom tooth. At the time, she informed me that it would cost £256.00 for an extraction as a private patient, or being placed on the local hospitals waiting list with a possible 3 year wait.

£4000.00 sounds very cheap, when you hear about celebrities cosmetic dental bills. One celebrity was recently quoted as spending over £23000.00 for a brighter than white grin.

  cycoze 18:38 05 Sep 2007


Last Month my 18yo Daughter broke one of her front teeth clean in half (Kart Racing), as she is still in full time education our dentist said it should be free.

  mymate 18:43 05 Sep 2007

In Goa <India> 2 caps are between £100 + £150 for both teeth.Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is £1.25 and a white filling £1.25 .
If i was her i would get a £5oo flight to Goa for 2 weeks get her teeth done then relax on a beach .

  egapup 19:03 05 Sep 2007

£4000 for two teeth, thats a total rip off, vets are a rip off too.

  sunny staines 19:28 05 Sep 2007

there may be a web with nhs dental charges on it to check.

any dentist reading?

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