My new years resolution

  WhiteTruckMan 02:01 11 Feb 2007

to lose some of the excess weight I have accumulated seems to be going passibly well. Since Jan 1st I have brought my BMI down by 0.75. It currently stands at 30. But theres plenty of year left to go. I'm mainly doing it by minor changes in diet and habit. Little things like taking an apple or a banana to snack on at work instead of some mini pork pies. I also park my truck in the farthest corner of the company truck park so I have to walk an extra kilometer or so 'twixt cab and office-much to the annoyance of the office staff when they want me!

Is anyone elses new year resolution on track? Anyone managed to quit smoking and stay off? Has that DIY project been started? Have you managed to stay teetotal all this time? (no, me neither!)
or anything else that you may have promised yourself for this year?


  anskyber 02:17 11 Feb 2007

Hi WTM! Funny time to see you. Nope, I always make sure that I do not make new years resolutions. No guilt then you see.

I have been off the alchohol however for health reasons following some minor ops. Sigh.

  Noldi 10:21 11 Feb 2007

I decided this year to do something I thought easy.

All my paperwork up to date before I go home on a Friday. Problem was I didn’t specify which Friday.

Was not so easy.

But I do have a lot of admiration for people who decide on a lifestyle change and stick to it.


  Bingalau 11:14 11 Feb 2007

My new year's resolution was to try to decide whether or not to go on a diet. I'm still trying to decide. Don't know if that is success or not. ..Bingalau..

  spuds 12:56 11 Feb 2007

Welcome back WTM. I never bother to make any new resolutions now, they never seemed to mean anything as time went on.

Do any chores, as and when required, thats my motto of the day. Health wise, I try to keep in trim, always have, but the older you get, the simple things in life seem to get more difficult to do. You do not actually give up, just relax and rest more often ;o)

  Kate B 13:00 11 Feb 2007

That's brilliant, WTM, well done. Losing weight is hard. Stick at it.

  p;3 14:22 11 Feb 2007

I too could do with losing some unneeded pounds ( about 18-20 would be good)

  tullie 17:09 11 Feb 2007

No you cant

  TOPCAT® 17:30 11 Feb 2007

Should our esteemed Chancellor be looking in, then I'm sure he'll find many ways to help us lose some pounds!! :o)

No resolutions for me this year; just look after myself, keep active and take each day as it comes. I do spend a couple of hours, five days a week and in all weathers, exercising myself and my granddaughter's dog on our local moor. With all the gales and rain we've had lately even the dog is beginning to show signs of rust!! ;o) TC.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:31 11 Feb 2007

No I can't what?


  Watchful 18:41 11 Feb 2007

Very well done! Never had a weight problem myself but I understand how difficult it can be. I am struggling with my particular demon.

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