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  HondaMan 16:41 25 Nov 2010

Is not opening on Xmas Day even though for the past 40 years or so it has done even though it was only 11.00 - 1.00pm. On Boxing Day it is shutting at 6.30 p.m.

As there is nothing in this village but the pub, a few of us feel that they are not village-life orientated. They are also trying to turn it into a restaurant rather than a pub.

These people have only been in the village since earlier this year and have already alienated a lot of people.

Thanks for reading - rant over!

  peter99co 16:45 25 Nov 2010

They had obviously not researched the history of the village. Why did the previous owners give up?

  Forum Editor 17:16 25 Nov 2010

Maybe they're cost-effective oriented. Many village pubs have struggled to survive since drinking wine at home became the fashion, and selling food can pay better than selling beer.

In my experience lots of village dwellers who complain about the pub not being opened at all hours are the very people who only go out for a drink on high days and holidays.

I'm not suggesting that you're one of those, but they exist in every village in the country.

  Al94 17:46 25 Nov 2010

We were just commenting last weekend when out with friends for a few drinks,that it was over £17 a round for the four of us.

Much more cost effective to stay at home for a drink!

  al's left peg 18:44 25 Nov 2010

It is probably down to economics, and if you say they have alienated the people of the village already they won't really want to open their doors to people they don't really want to mix with.
I don't live in a village but, I would imagine a village pub landlord should try to be a focal point of the community. It sounds like your landlord is not cut out for that life.

On a separate point, the price of a pint is now excessive to most ordinary folk. It's often bandied about the excuse of the "binge drinking society" is the reason for the high cost of a pint. In my view though, the binge drinkers don't usually drink pints, it's normally alcopops and spirits like vodka that are the binge drinkers weapon of choice.
I don't go out much now, (I used to go out every weekend) the cost is too excessive for me and most of the guys I used to socialise with don't go out much either. Last year we discussed the rising costs of the pint and one of the lads suggested Tesco taking up running pubs. With their buying power the cost would be more manageble to the landlord, rather than the current "tied house" deal as at present.

  spuds 00:29 26 Nov 2010

Pubs and clubs are closing on a daily basis, and pub tenants are becoming one of the biggest bankrupt occupations. The days of the village pub being the hive of local activity have long since gone. Even trying to introduce catering as made some tenants suffer even further, due to very little passing trade, and more so in rural areas.

Weatherspoons seem to be making a success of things though, perhaps because they are offering local people what they need and perhaps able to afford.

  Quickbeam 06:57 26 Nov 2010

30 years ago a friend of mine went into the pub trade. Opening on Christmas evening was at the discretion of the tenant. The first Christmas evening trading was her last, her reason being that as the only one open in the village which then had 5 pubs, she only got all the sad dregs that frequented the other pubs that couldn't manage a single evening in a year without a drink. Christmas evening was very much an at home family time.

  HondaMan 09:00 26 Nov 2010

"Why did the previous owners give up"
She had cancer and had no choice. Plus,she was gay and that was not acceptable to the vocal minority

"Maybe they're cost-effective oriented" If they were, then they would open. The pub is packed every Xmas Lunchtime and Boxing night - it's usually party night added to which the pub is busy most days in anyevent, so no, it has nothing to do with finance.

"alienated a lot of people." Not all, but a significant number. Most of the pub's customers are not from the village, but the pub will and do look to the village to support its activities. Suppoort works both ways.

"a village pub landlord should try to be a focal point of the community" Completely agree, that is why they SHOULD open.

No one objects to the pub being closed on Xmas Night, but as for the rest, they are not doing themselves any favours, they are closing for their own convenience.

  Noldi 09:30 26 Nov 2010

In Sussex many village pubs are now boarded up and for sale.

The smoking ban has also hit hard. I am not a smoker and do enjoy when I go to the pub on the odd occasion that I don’t come home stinking of smoke.

But I do not see a problem if they have a smoking bar as long as its signed and a decent extraction system is fitted so people working behind the bar are in a clean air environment.
I think the traditional pub is a thing of the past its now a place for one or two drinks and a bit of grub, the eight pint sessions are a thing of the past.


  interzone55 09:38 26 Nov 2010

Have you thought that maybe they don't want to work on Christmas day?

When I worked in retail our "town centre manager" decided that all the shops in the shopping centre would open on Boxing day, so I asked the town centre manager if she was working Boxing day, no she wasn't as she was on holiday.

We stayed shut and I save a fortune because a grand total of 50 people walked through the centre doors and 30 of those were shop staff.

Nobody opened the next year...

  n47. 10:49 26 Nov 2010

with their family. The pub is presumably open the other 364 days of the year.

Are you working xmas day?

I had to for 25 years, including boxing day and new years day.

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