My hat off to Microsoft

  DrScott 15:11 08 May 2006

Now old Bill does get a lot of stick, not really that surprising see how many people use Microsoft products worldwide. But I've discovered the Microsoft Home Use program, and think it is utter genius on Bill's side... click here

Essentially workers from the company get cheap access to software, supposedly increasing worker productivity, but also in effect encouraging volume license purchasing. I know some companies are turning to StarOffice and such, but for many companies, adding on the Home Use program must be a pretty powerful incentive. Especially for those companies whose workers are often on the move or work from home.

Anyway, thought you lot might find it of some interest. Makes a change from discussing UFOs and the like :o)

  Skills 15:17 08 May 2006

That looks like a good deal would be handy if colleges could use it for there students, my college allows me access to things like Visual studio and the like but not office apart from access.

MS do seem to be opening up a bit more take there free express versions of the latest visual studio for example.

  namtas 17:12 08 May 2006

Apparently the free offer is not welcome by all.
click here

  DrScott 20:06 08 May 2006

Ethics advice from the Department of Army of the United State?! Oh please...

  kiddgame2000 22:41 08 May 2006

When someone offers you a gift you say thank you and accept it.

A free gift from microsoft, im heading to the doctor i feel unwell.

Credit where credit is due.

  namtas 22:43 08 May 2006

I am afraid I was not aware of your duplicate post
click here
as a result I answerd both seperatly

  namtas 22:50 08 May 2006

"When someone offers you a gift you say thank you and accept it". Not if you work are in the UK Civil Service, their is a set of strict code of rules specifically relating to non acceptance of gifts from suppliers or contractors.

  DrScott 23:56 08 May 2006

I had linked to the other thread from my first post here.

Can I just point out this wasn't a gift as such. I wasn't just sent it in the post without requesting it. I had to get the relevant code from the IT dept at my hospital, then fill in an online form and pay the 17.99 for it then to be sent - it's not a gift in the way I understand it. It's a license to use software as an employee of a volume license holder - i.e. my hospital.

  fleamailman 01:40 09 May 2006

What is free then, in a few years time, it will be unsupported like so many other ms products but by then you will need it so you will pay again for another newer office, how many to date, how many more then? Then there is XP too, I paid good money for windows95, windows98, mil., etc., are they supported now, so once again folks don't expect a free lunch from ms, just expect to be buying, the os, the officeworks, the firewall, the antivirus, the whatever else they can thump you with, and pray that you can get five years out of it.

Please take what I have said, not as a personal attack on anyone here as I have felt this long before the subject was brought up here.

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