My First (IBM) PC...

  Z1100 15:07 02 Nov 2006

I had a Commodore (ibm compatible) PC.

It was a 486/25 (Not DX, that was too expensive!)
4MB Ram
125mb Hdd.

It had a Built-in Sound Card but I opted to buy a Sound Blaster (I think it was the 8-bit one)

A FDD that would accept HD Discs, they were a must have holding 1.44MB of data, a godsend for game boot modifications.

The OS was DOS 5.0 and I also had Windows 3.1 but could not for the life of me understand why anyone with a brain cell would use anything other than DOS!

For Graphics, it was a standard VGA card quickly updated to a SVGA card, no idea how much memory it had, but it was enough.

Now I have a flash memory card that has 512MB memory and a Camera SD Card with 1GB. As for the box I have now, well that's just out of date every day I upgrade it.

I remember paying just under £250.00 for a 250MB HDD and Dos 6 though, that was great, it had Defrag on it!!

Anyway, this is just me thinking where did the time and money go and how the hell do we need such muscle bruisers for PC's today...

em, the year was 'cough' early 90's or late 80's
just thought I would share that with you all.


  wee eddie 15:52 02 Nov 2006

My first work Computer at the Restaurant, in the early 80's, had "State of the Art" Accounting, Recipe Costing & Stock Control.

It had a Green on Black screen, a great improvement on the White on Black.

Every item's code had to be remembered or looked up. The relief and joy, when the Software developers rang and said that the next Upgrade would include an Alpha Search function.

  jimv7 16:31 02 Nov 2006

I remember upgrading from win 3.11 to win 95, felt lost without filemanager. Eventually found it buried within 95, used it for a long time till I got used to explorer.

Upgraded the ram from 8 mb to 16 mb at a cost of £168.

Bought an 8gb scsi hard drive, cost over £200, times have moved on since those days.

  Z1100 17:38 02 Nov 2006

That's what I had, 3x That was like lightning fast and I paid £50.-0 for that privilege...

  daisy2bell 21:59 02 Nov 2006

My first one was a Apple Mac performa 460, which was not capable of going on the internet.
After about 5 years I got myself a new Apple G4. Had nothing but problems from day one. Eventualy got fed up and told them they could come and fetch it, and told them what they could do with it. (It was on a education finance scheme where I only had to pay after 6 mths)
That is when I got my first PC

  wolfie3000 22:30 02 Nov 2006

My first IBM compatible pc was an Amstrad 1512 with two floppy drives,
Using dos and a windows based gui that i cant remember now but it came on three disks one green one yellow one blue and one red, wait four disks then lol.

I still remember programming in com files and tackling machine code,
I never made bat files for some reason i dunno why as it would have been easier.

thinking about it, it had a mouse with it,
I wish i kept it now :(

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 02 Nov 2006

Am still running two 1989 laptops (bigger than my current desktop), 286, running DOS5, LCD screens badly faded now, 240MB hard drive.

Originally there were 10 of these the two still working are made up from parts donated frm the others.

  Chris the Ancient 14:56 03 Nov 2006

My very first computer was the Acorn Electron. With 32k of RAM. And it loaded of a cassette tape. Was I whizzy when I got a floppy drive (single-sided)?

The first proper pc that I got - after using all sorts of 386's at work, was an Escom (remember them?) P75 with 16M and a 1Gb HDD. With the standard peripherals I remember spending over £1k for that! Ran it on Windows 3.1.1 and went through various other machines and editions of Windows over the years.

I have to admit that my current machine is now out of date (after 2-and-a-bit years) but I have got it the way I really want it and will stick with it a little longer. Then I suppose it will be an arm and a leg to upgrade the machine, get Vista and Office Pro 2007.

Just looked on the back of my tower. It's got a 'sell by date' which has long expired! ;o))

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