My Dog was released without permission now missing

  Ex plorer 08:30 03 May 2008

Hi I chained my 2year old Collie up yesterday morning as it was a nice day, she was on the lawn at the back of my house, My neighbour released her to play with his dog on the field at the back of my house without asking, they know I don't like them doing this and I told his wife some time ago not to. Its a playing field and owners have to be in charge at all times and clean up any fouling.
Aparenly he said he went into the house for 5minuets and Millie disappeared in that time.
The first I new that he had released her was at 3pm on Friday when he came knocking at my door to see if she had come into the house to see if she had come in, they know well that Millie that's the dogs name will wander off over the fields but always returns after a few calls.
I am concerned as it is lambing time here.
I have been in touch with local farmers and dog owners to keep an eye open for her, I left her bed and food out last night in an open shed but to date there is no sign of Millie.
I am missing her and am concerned for her welfare.
I am still searching for her but what would be the case if Millie never returns, I cant afford to do this again.
With the cost of buying her and just having her spaded plus all injections and boosters I have spent more than £250.

  Snec 08:44 03 May 2008

Why aren't you out looking for her now?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:56 03 May 2008

Not wishing to be harsh but....your point is?


  daisy2bell 09:22 03 May 2008

Why on earth would you chain up your dog in your back garden.I think this is cruel.Is it because your back garden is not secure?
If this were to be the case, why not make it secure.
Your neighbor had no right in releasing your dog, and if that had happened to me I would be fuming to say the least.
I do hope you find millie safe and sound.
Have you gone on to the "Dog lost" website ( they are listed on google) to post a missing message.

  feb 09:23 03 May 2008

try putting it on here click here

  Forum Editor 09:25 03 May 2008

I'm not sure what you mean - you would have lost your dog, and be understandably upset, but that's all. You certainly wouldn't have any recourse to legal action against your neighbours, if that's what you're getting at. Your dog's safety and control is your responsibility, not theirs.

  johndrew 10:37 03 May 2008

The Police have relinquished responsibility for stray dogs I believe and the local Council have the responsibility.

Hopefully she has a collar with contact details as required by law - better still if she is identichipped - so perhaps a concerned person will call you.

You could also contact your local Dog Wardens and ask the Police if a report has been made of your dog. Failing that the local RSPCA may be able to help as may local dog shelters.

  birdface 11:34 03 May 2008

Why on earth would you chain up your dog in your back garden.I think this is cruel!!.It must also be cruel to put a leash on him when you take him out.Its for the dogs own safety.Would you rather the dog was locked up in the house all day.You get chains or a long leather leash's in all different lengths surely the dog is better roaming about the garden than being stuck indoors.I am sure the neighbor meant well but should not have done so without permission.It is obvious that Ex plorer was very fond of his or her dog.And in the case that the dog does not return might not be able to replace it due to the lack of funds.You would probably need a six foot fence all round your garden to let the dog roam free.I certainly hope that it does return.But if not there are dog homes looking for someone to look after abandoned pets.Maybe an advert in local shop windows offering a small reward might help.

  tillybaby 12:07 03 May 2008

I can only agree with most of the comments on here with regards to chaining your dog up because as you say it was in the morning and you hadn't even noticed Millie had disappeared until 3 in the afternoon and then only when your neighbour came looking for her, what about her having access to clean drinking water? Maybe she has and I'm jumping the gun there but somehow I feel there's more to this than meets the eye.

  Ex plorer 12:40 03 May 2008

Hi johndrew thanks for that I have now done all as you suggested

buteman thanks I thought I wasn’t been cruel maybe the word chained up sounds bad,

I was angry this morning and now I have cooled down somewhat, I don’t want to fall out with my neighbors and they have been round and are doing as much as possible to find her.

My fence is 5 6" high and leans inwards at the top a bit like a prison and is secure Millie will stay with me when I am in the garden with her but I was decorating at the time she was out, I live on an end terraced cottage of three houses, there is a back foot path a right of way from my house to the other 2 houses and there fences are only 3foot high and the footpath cannot be gated.

Gandalf, my point he should have tied my dog up before leaving it to go into his house, all dogs must be with owners or be with someone, and my concern is that's its lambing time here and being a collie and from a farm herself she may chase sheep without my control, and if its as the Forum Editor says Your dog's safety and control is your responsibility, not theirs.

feb thanks I have now registered with the site.

tillybaby I see what you mean she was out with water and shade if required Millie was not released untill around 2.15pm. My neighbour played with the dogs for approx 30min and then contacted me at 3pm as he could not find her and wondered if she had come into the house, at that point we started to look for her and still no sign as yet.

  jimv7 12:48 03 May 2008

Being a dog lover, I would be out looking for the dog, not worried with how much I had spent on the animal.

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