My buildings and contents insurance renewal ....

  Clapton is God 19:17 25 Feb 2009

.... notice arrived today.

I won't tell you which company it is, but they have a red telephone logo and they wanted £354 for another 12 months cover, compared to £194 last year.

I'm still at the same address and haven't made any changes to the house or upgraded my contents in any way.

Having picked myself up off the floor, I had a look at and came up with a price, for slightly better cover, of £199.50.

Again, I won't tell you which company, but they have a talking Bulldog logo.

Needless, to say the dog got my business.

And I'm told we have a credit crunch. ;-((

  birdface 19:41 25 Feb 2009

The red telephone logo company looks like they are shooting themselves in the foot.Did the exact same with me last year,So I canceled and went elsewhere.
A week later they phoned me and asked why I was no longer using them.
I told them they were to expensive so I moved elsewhere.
Why did you not ask we would have given you a special deal as we do not want to loose good customers.
I said I did tell you but you did not listen.

I will be shopping about this year again hoping for a better deal elsewhere.
Will probably try that doggy in the window and see if they are any cheaper.
I also got my van insurance elsewhere as well.

  MAT ALAN 19:50 25 Feb 2009

WELL!! lets name and shame, no point talking in riddles
if you have issues with DIRECT LINE and you got a better deal with CHURCHILL lets tell, so others don't fall into the same trap!!!

  Grey Goo 19:55 25 Feb 2009

If you are over 50 you might like to try Castlecover, got a great deal on an AXA policy.

  JYPX 20:02 25 Feb 2009

It seems that the word has got round that the red phone company will give you a brilliant deal - as a new customer - but will cane you if you stick around. I have tried to reason with them (why would you choose to lose your best customers who don't make a claim, even when there is a minor mishap in the home?) with some success - they do seem to have a retentions dept, but you have to persist.
Same story with Car insurance from said company.
If that fails, my tip for home insurance would be Tesco.

  oresome 20:05 25 Feb 2009

The strange thing is that both Direct Line and Churchill are owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland who in turn is owned by us!

  rowdy 20:06 25 Feb 2009

they have a retentions department, just say you have better quote and they will beat it to keep you.

This silly but spreading buisness model is going to backfire one day


  Stuartli 20:14 25 Feb 2009

We were with the Pru for more than 40 years for building and contents insurance until the premium went up to nearly £500 a couple of years ago.

Noting that Churchill was now the underwriter I did an on-line check on its own price and discovered it was around half for the same cover. so I switched.

It went up a bit last year but, this time, was up to more than £350.

So I did a few comparison websites check and eventually Churchill proved to be the lowest at under £200, including the extra of additional risk cover.

So I rang Churchill and queried the lower price. I was immediately offered a match to the lower cost and accepted without hesitation..:-)

  octal 20:20 25 Feb 2009

I had a similar quote from the Pru, I went to the Bull dog and got a quote then called the Pru back and explained that their quote was more than twice the dog's quote. After about ten minutes on the phone they came back and matched the quote, not only that they retained my monthly direct debit payment at no extra cost, a lot of companies are now passing on the cost of paying by direct debit, so that's something worth watching when renewing.

  HondaMan 20:26 25 Feb 2009

I must check mine when it's due for renewal. Last year I paid £975+.

  BT 07:59 26 Feb 2009

I nearly got caught by Direct line last year.
When my breakdown cover was due I called to renew it and was told it could be linked in with my Motor insurance. I thought this was a good Idea and agreed. When My motor insurance renewal arrived they had put the breakdown cover up by a considerable amount. I phoned and was told it was counted as a new policy and so I didn't get the No Callout discount. I insisted on it being separated out again and was given the original amount quoted. Interestingly though on checking on-line later, Greenflag who provide the D/line cover do the same policy for about 20% less, so next year its bye-bye D/Line

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