My bottom's too big

  lisa02 15:31 18 Jul 2007

on the free mp3 player for subscribing.

A pretty good freebie and works perfecto apart from the little cap over the usb connector keeps falling off. IMO it looks bigger and different to the mp3 player.

click here

  Pamy 15:55 18 Jul 2007

It's hard to tell from that picture you will have to press it fully home and see if there is a differece. The actuall fit is usually on the plug itself inside the cap if you can understand me.

  lisa02 16:06 18 Jul 2007

When I pushed the thing on as far as it goes it just slides off again on it's own by gravity ie. turned over.

Think of a pen, on which the lid won't stay on.

  Pamy 16:11 18 Jul 2007

Yes, you will have to slip a piece of paper or something more durable (plastic) over the USB plug befor you push the cap on.(or return it)

  Stuartli 16:16 18 Jul 2007

I'd return it - you won't want to damage the USB connection through a missing cap.

All the caps for these pen drives I've used fit securely when pushed home.

  lisa02 16:18 18 Jul 2007

How do I return it? Hopefully someone from subscriptions will see the thread.

  Pamy 16:30 18 Jul 2007
  lisa02 16:51 18 Jul 2007

They said they can't take it back. As it's not the mp3 player that's faulty just the cover.

Bit cheeky on the phone too. Think I'll cancel the Direct Debit and mail it back recorded delivery.

  Pamy 16:54 18 Jul 2007

Time for FE to offer his good advice I think

  lisa02 17:02 18 Jul 2007

I buy the mag on and off and when I seen this offer I thought it was too good to miss.

I appreciate it's only the cover won't stay on but it looks pretty daft without one. And as Stuartli says it's open to damage too...

  Pamy 17:10 18 Jul 2007

I agree. Anyway the cover is there for a purpose or they would not bother putting one on, and it's not doing what it is supposed to do. The reply you got does not suggest much in the way of customer relations either.

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