mv Derbyshire 1980 do you remember.?

  B42 02:13 31 Jan 2008

Been intrested in pic's & reserching for some time just what happened on that dreadfull day that took the HUGE ship & all 44 of its crew 4000 Meters down to the bottom of the sea in Just a couple of minutes, BUT i find it hard to see any pic's of the ship on the net, just wondered since this website (PCA) is so widley used if anyone can supply me with links or pic's.

this is the best ive found relating to pic's.??

click here

Your help would be very appreciated.

  MCE2K5 03:28 31 Jan 2008

Googled, click here

  alB 16:19 31 Jan 2008

click here ...alB

  crosstrainer 16:23 31 Jan 2008

I remember this, and also recall a TV programme on the topic.....The conclusion they arrived at was that due to design faults and poor maintainence, the ship broke in two and sank.

Seem to remember a sister ship too, but can't recall the name.

  B42 16:33 31 Jan 2008

thanks guy's!!!

  Kemistri 16:35 31 Jan 2008

click here -- That has one low-quality image. click here -- A few from Google.

  Quickbeam 07:59 01 Feb 2008

Just reading this story click here reminds me that the sea can be violently cruel, even when an emergency happens in what we take for a safe haven.

  sl2 10:25 01 Feb 2008

That the "Derbyshire" WAS nearly 3 times LONGER & around 7 times heavyer than the ship here

click here

  Bingalau 11:21 01 Feb 2008

There is a memorial service every year at the Pier Head in Liverpool. I don't know the date but probably Merchant Navy Day which I think is the third of September. (The day war broke out).

  xclr8r 17:34 01 Feb 2008

Crosstrainer is right on this topic. It was a design fault that caused it to break it's back due to a fault in a bulkhead position near the bridge. I did watch the documentary about it and the families of the lost asking for the answers to what happened.
I also remember watching a documentary about ships sinking in massive storms. The worst one I thought was a massive frieghter in the North Atlantic manned by a philipino crew which snapped in half. The crew had heard a big bang and noticed the stern had raised up in the water but, imagine the horror when they seen the bow of their ship sail past their bridge in the opposite direction! It is unreal to think of but it did actually happen.

  pb222 00:52 07 Feb 2008

The mv Derbyshire sank on or about 9 September 1980 due to a forward hatch filling with water, a video created for the final inquiry has been posted on youtube showing in real time what happened.

click here

Frame 65 did not crack on the mv Derbshire as when it was examined on the sea bed, it was found to be intact.

The mv Derbyshire was found 2.8 miles down on the sea bed in over 2,000 (two thousand) pieces as she had imploded due to the force of the water crashing on the hatch covers.

The memorial services at Liverpool Parish church are no longer held each year

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