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  VNAM75 20:24 31 Jan 2008

Which cities are the best for a holiday? (not business, working...etc)

I have lived in this country since 1981 and have only been abroad once to Hong Kong last year. Hong Kong was a great experience but I only spent a week there. The best features of Hong Kong were its general cleanliness, efficient and convenient transport, shopping (especially food) and beautiful scenery.

I'm mostly interested in Asia and the Americas, but not europe or australia and nz. Some places I've considered:

- China. So many cities and places so have to think about it. Vietnam and Thailand are also interesting.

- America. New york seems an obvious choice but isn't that like London but bigger? And does it offer more than just shopping? Wouldn't mind going to somewhere like San francisco. Toronto could be quite good as I have relatives there. They do have quite large snow storms in winter though, I'm told.

- South America. I think Mexico would be quite interesting but I struggle if its hotter than 30c!

  hastelloy 20:38 31 Jan 2008

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, China - Shanghai (not Bejing) or Xian (Terracotta Warriors), Vietnam - Hanoi is much better than Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore (very clean, chewing gum is illegal).

  Clapton is God 20:44 31 Jan 2008

"New york seems an obvious choice but isn't that like London but bigger?"

How on earth can you compare New York, which is less than 400 years old, with London which was founded in AD 43??

  Noldi 20:54 31 Jan 2008

Salzburg (Mozart) click here is one of my favourites but so is a lot of Austria, They know how to build with wood.

Zürich and Milan if the Credit card can take it but both beautiful places. Zürich you can take a trip out into the Alps, Milan has the place I set my heart on visiting for many years San Siro stadium, It has to be experience just for the atmosphere.

These cities you can fly to for about 80 Quid return.


  VNAM75 21:09 31 Jan 2008

My sister preferred Beijing to Shanghai because there is more culture and historical buildings to experience. Xian is great. Is Singapore like Hong Kong then, but less crowded?

Great as London is (my brother lives there), but being founded in AD43 is not really relevant unless you're an historian. Its a very modern, successful, commercial city. But that aside, from a tourist's point of view its no Hong Kong or New York.

  jorel 21:12 31 Jan 2008

In the USA I would definitely say New York is worth a visit for the sheer vibrancy. Washington DC for the museums and a walk along the mall. My favourite towns in the USA are Albuquerque and Santa Fe, both in New Mexico, just to chill and stroll around. Ottawa and Montreal in Canada are cool.
I know you said "not in Europe" but if you get the time I would certainly reccommend Venice in Italy, Vienna in Austria and Budapest in Hungary.

  Legolas 21:43 31 Jan 2008

Cant comment on Shanghai I didn't see it but I liked Beijing when I was in China a few years ago in fact although I only saw a very small part of this vast country I fell in love with it I can't really explain I just know I will return.

  Bingalau 21:59 31 Jan 2008

I think maybe the FE is the man to give you the low down on this one. He's been practically everywhere worth going I think. I'm dead jealous of him even though I have been around too.

  bremner 22:05 31 Jan 2008

I have travelled to quite a few US cities and my personal choices would be New York and San Francisco with its surrounding areas.
Washington DC is also a good choice and has plenty to see for a long weekend.

LA was a big disappointment.

  sunny staines 22:15 31 Jan 2008

toronto is miles better than new york.

my favourite is dubai.

i would love to visit hong kong,NZ Australia, san fransico, and cape town while it is still safe to do so.

  Demora 23:17 31 Jan 2008

My youngest daughter is cabin crew for Virgin and she loves San Francisci, Johannesburg and Las Vegas. Hasn't been to Shanghai yet and she wasn't taken with Tokyo.

She said Los Angeles is tiring and New York is fun if you have a good camera. She's only 20 so isn't allowed to go off drinking in the US.

Chang Mai in Thialand is a great place to go as its not far from the borders of Loas and Burma. My other half goes there quite a lot with his company.

For me would be The Florida Keys as its quieter and relaxing.


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