Music while you wait? .....The contrast!

  Diemmess 18:10 29 Jan 2009

After an obligatory series of menus and sub menus, music so called is often introduced to show the call is "still important to us."

Oddly in one session I enjoyed a brief spell with NFU Mutual (Insurance)
I asked what the music was and found it on U-Tube click here

Later the same day I was in tooth gritting mode trying to get some sense out of my ISP (details in a plain brown envelope if you want them)!

Being put on hold, the physical shock of quietly spoken gibberish from the sub-continent suddenly changed to the last bar of Elgar's Nimrod. Grossly distorted and over modulated with max volume, I nearly dropped the phone.

I like most of Elgar and I'd never heard of Zarah Hindi, but as examples they are at opposite ends of the pleasure scale and in the second case counterproductive to the ISP, I was annoyed and argued a significant change for the better.

  rdave13 22:06 30 Jan 2009

Thanks for the warning, so I was prepared for the distorted music, and got a good deal also... :)

  bluto1 22:17 30 Jan 2009

Well, the only answer here, because of the varying effects that music has on your savage breast, is to change your ISP to NFU Mutual.

  Jim Thing 22:28 30 Jan 2009

I reckon the NFU Mutual one was an experiment carried out by a bored telephone operator to see whether she could sing it in one key and play it in another.

  Pineman100 14:57 01 Feb 2009

I'm often tempted to wait until a human being finally deigns to speak to me, then to play them 'The Ying Tong Song' by the Goons, and tell them to hold the line, because "their call is important to me".

It's called 'cutting off my nose to spite my face'.

  Diemmess 17:08 01 Feb 2009

Jim Thing, how unkind!
One man's meat is another's poison, and I think Zarah H has my number with a ditty like that.

I've normally enjoyed the massive chords in "Nimrod" for as far back as I can remember and our children all have children of their own now so I have no pop music attachment.

To the credit of NFU Mutual it took two phone calls to hear most of this quiet humerous coquette, instead of the crashing chords I expected. Even Vivaldi is old hat now unless "Spring" is still played somewhere

  Diemmess 10:20 06 Feb 2009

After 12 years, (they tell me) I am leaving AOL.

So I phoned for my MAC and was promptly put on hold for an Irish voice, and not the generic Indian.

This time I had music suited to the solemn occasion. Most of the slow movement of The New World symphony, followed by Nimrod again.

  Pineman100 17:40 06 Feb 2009

I suppose those choices are supposed to induce a sense of such morose desperation that you'll come to your senses, and sign up for another year.

Nimrod always brings me close to tears. Contrary to the old story about a beloved dog, it was actually written to represent the character of Elgar's best friend, Augustus Jaeger. He must have valued the friendship enormously.

  Diemmess 18:03 06 Feb 2009

Good point Pineman100

It would be nice to hear a re-run of the conversation at similar requests, following say Gustav Holst's Mars, or even Jupiter, or would that one be too nationalistic?

The Amen chorus from Messiah would have been appropriate in my call!

For real gloom and tragedy how about the theme music from that splendid BBC film 'Band of brothers'

  Pineman100 19:05 06 Feb 2009

Given my own experience of AOL (many years ago), I don't think I could bring myself to listen to Jupiter ('The bringer of jollity')!

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