mushrooms growing in my lawn

  Marko797 13:10 11 Oct 2008

Does anyone have any tried and tested remedies for getting rid of nuisance mushrooms which are growing in my lawn?

The blighters are growing in tight 'clutches' in a shaded corner of my lawn, and seem to be becoming more established.

When they first arrived, I simply mowed over them hoping that would get rid of them, but it hasn't worked.

I don't know which variety they are, so can't even harvest them and eat them. I just want rid of them anyway. They are not typical Tesco-type white button mushrooms, but have large dark heads resembling torpedos of sorts.

Do I dig them out and then re-turf the area?

Any sensible suggestions welcome from any gardeners. Thnx in advance.

  Jak_1 13:13 11 Oct 2008

If they are mushrooms then harvest them and chuck em in the frying pan. Most likely they will be toadstools, most of which are also edible but care needs to ba taken with identification!
Simply mowing them will only make them spread as the spores will have gone all over the place!

  Marko797 13:17 11 Oct 2008

Thnx Jak, but seems that I have made the situation worse by mowing. However, that's history and now wish to deal with the situation.

As mentioned, I wouldn't even contemplate eating them. All I want is to get rid of them and restore my lawn to a mushroom-free zone.

  lofty29 13:37 11 Oct 2008

I do not know if it would work, but try a feed and weed lawn weedkiller, you do not have any old tree roots growning under the lawn do you

  Noels 13:42 11 Oct 2008

click here

Follow the link for Fairy rings etc. I use it for moss on lawns drives etc. Quite safe used at the correct dilution.
Available from most garden centres

  peter99co 13:53 11 Oct 2008

Make interesting reading anyway.

click here

  peter99co 14:33 11 Oct 2008

The size of the fungus in a fairy ring is the actual outer edge and can be huge in some cases.

click here

These appear to be edible but is it the same version?

  Marko797 15:03 11 Oct 2008

for all the comments.

No Peter99co, they are not these types. They are quite tall, dark, with what I can only describe as vertical torpedo shaped heads. Hope that makes sense.

Noels thnx for the Armillatox info, I may well try that, as there is also some moss in the area too.

I can't do anything to cure the shaded area however as this is created by a very mature horse chestnut tree, which is protected by TPO.

It appears this years wet conditions are responsible for an increase in fungi growth generally.

Seems the only possible remedy is to try the solution provided by Noels.

  Coffee Adict 15:22 11 Oct 2008

Sounds like and Ink Cap

click here

Watch out for the faries. :o)

  peter99co 15:31 11 Oct 2008

Last try to identify.

click here

  justme 17:02 11 Oct 2008

Someone wiser than me when asked if a particular mushroom was edible replied that all mushrooms are edible, but some only once.

Take care if you decide to try eating them.

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