Murray into the US Open semi-finals!

  Si_L 01:04 04 Sep 2008

His first grand-slam semi, against what looks more likely to be a clash with Nadal.

Well done to him, its a brilliant achievement.

click here to read the match report against Del Potro.

  Cymro. 13:04 04 Sep 2008

"Well done to him, its a brilliant achievement."

A brilliant achievement!
so what would you say in the very unlikely event that he ever wins anything worth winning? Nadal will soon put an end to all his hopes.

  tullie 13:46 04 Sep 2008

Nadal is on a different plnet to Murray.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:54 04 Sep 2008

'Nadal is on a different planet to Murray' are most of the top tennis players. Murray is exactly the same as the perpetualy startled Henman...a good club player but nowhere near the top layer and nor will he ever be. Although it probably has no bearing on the way he plays, having a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, will not endear many to him unless they are from the Isle of Sullen.


  rickf 14:16 04 Sep 2008

Nadal will thrash him,. Again. He just hasn't got the metal stamina like Nadal. Besides he didn't beat anyone of note. He is also rather cocky compared to Nadal or Federer who are both always polite, respectful, modest and friendly.

  jakimo 14:16 04 Sep 2008

Its hard to get enthusiastic about someone who needs a personality transplant

  Bingalau 14:34 04 Sep 2008

I think the expression you are looking for is "Dour Scotsman" Actually I was quite impressed with the way he stuck up for his mum when last night's opponent slagged her off at a previous match between them. He should really have stuck one on him.

  Si_L 15:21 04 Sep 2008

I think you are all wrong when you say Murray will be thrashed by Nadal. He is on top form at the moment, Nadal dropped a poor first set to the world No.39, and Murray will be one place out of the top 3 (After Nadal, Federer, Djokovic), its going to be a closer game than when they met in Wimbledon thats for sure.

I'm gonna put £20 on Murray to win.

  Helen. 15:31 04 Sep 2008

I'm going to stick £20 on him also.

To loose.

He hasn't got a hope and never will.

  Monument 15:41 04 Sep 2008

"Murray is exactly the same as the perpetualy startled Henman...a good club player but nowhere near the top layer and nor will he ever be"

I assume therefore that you equate top layer as being only the top three players in the world as Murray is now World number 4.

  redandwhite 15:49 04 Sep 2008

Well said Monument. Murray's achievement is 'brilliant' - performing better than he has done previously certainly merits that accolade. Yes, he hasn't yet won a Grand Slam event, and will catapult himself into an even more select group should he do so, but to get to a Grand Slam semi final is no small achievement and should be applauded. Personality has little, if anything, to do with it - admire his achievement on the court. Nor is 'Nadal' on a different planet to Murray. He is arguably the product of immense hard work (as opposed to Federer who many would say has more 'natural ability') which makes his results all the more impressive.

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