Mugged by nPower

  IClaudio 19:29 22 Jan 2008

Not content with raising their prices by 15%, nPower are apparently now sending out "representives" to knock on doors in order to entrap more victims.

The doorbell rang this evening, as I was preparing the fabulous IClaudio Spag Bol (ask me for the recipe...) - my partner answered, expecting it to be our guests. And was confronted by an extremely unpleasant person who demanded to know who our energy supplier is:

The Partner (who is no pushover...): "None of your business!"

nPower: "How much do you pay for your energy?"
TP: "None of your business!"

nPower: "Our prices are fixed until the end of 2011"

TP (closing the door): "Goodbye"

nPower: "Huh,some people..."

I assume that he meant "Some people can't see the benefit in paying 15% more for their gas/electricity bills", though a more cynical person than iclaudio might think that he meant "some people" might not want to contribute to his commission...

  anskyber 19:43 22 Jan 2008

I have just switch to Scottish Gas who will honour their tariff of a pre increase until November. I moved from nPower after using this site for analysis. click here

  oresome 19:44 22 Jan 2008

I'm afraid I'm getting increasingly annoyed with these people. We get several representatives per month calling at the front door just from the utilities alone.

It's a complex calculation and not one I will attempt to do on the doorstep, nor whilst we are in a state of flux with price increases.

I'm thinking of printing a sign


  georgemac © 19:52 22 Jan 2008

I agree with you about doorstepping

of course none of the price increases are due to the wages of all these "salespeople"

  STREETWORK 22:05 22 Jan 2008

We have a system provided by the authority which deters cold calling and a sticker to go on the door. Since this has been established we have not had any cold callers.

You have a PC, make your own and if this does not work i have a German Shepard that does...

Add to this when you get a call by those people in foriegn countries on the phone, ask them if they know the number they called, they won't have a clue. Then ask why they are calling the local police station and calls are recorded. Result...

  Forum Editor 23:37 22 Jan 2008

Be careful, it's a criminal offence to make a statement or do any act calculated falsely to suggest membership of the police force.

  spuds 23:47 22 Jan 2008

Notices on doors never seem to work on our property. You will always get someone stating that they "didn't see it".

Not far from where I live, there is a council/police 'No Cold Calling' designated area scheme. Now that seems to have worked very well, and it appears that the scheme is under consideration for possible extension to areas in our location soon.

  K_elt 00:27 23 Jan 2008

It would be interesting to know what jobs everyone did and to check and see how the companies they are employed by get themselves noticed. It is easy to complain about someone coming to the door trying to earn a living, but I find it more annoying to pay for something like Sky and have programmes interrupted as often for adverts.

  Picklefactory 13:14 23 Jan 2008

Had an OTT glazing one call me once, who entirely ignored my repeated attempts at politely ending his rhetoric, and just continued to talk over me, ended up just hanging up on him. When phone went again 30secs later, yup, it was him again and I actually laughed, as he just continued as if there had been no interruption at all, I was a trifle more blunt ending this 2nd conversation. They can be a pain, although I occasionally get some who are very polite and take the hint gracefully.

  Goofyish 19:47 23 Jan 2008

My daughters boyfriend has just got a job with NPower selling door to door. I feel sorry for him really as he started just after they put their prices up. He basically gets paid commission only (£60 per sale).

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