MSBlast.B author to be sentenced.

  LastChip 23:02 16 Aug 2004

Jeffrey Lee Parson pleaded guilty to authoring the MSBlast.B Virus.

Sentencing is scheduled for 12 November, and could be between 18 and 37 months and/or heavy fines.

click here for the full report.

Is this case likely to deter future virus writers?

  Dan the Confused 23:24 16 Aug 2004

' possible restitution in the millions of dollars.' What does this mean exactly?

I think every time a virus writer is caught it does act as a deterrent, it shows that if you write malicious software you can be found. This will put people off, even 'clever' teenagers.

The punishment sounds about right to me, but I'm sure many would disagree.

  Chegs ® 01:08 17 Aug 2004

"The number could affect the length of any prison sentence. "

I fail to see how these idiots "success rate" can be guesstimated,for sentencing purposes.The damage WAS done,business lost ££££'s.

" possible restitution in the millions of dollars. " Where is a teenager going to get the funds to pay any compensation,especially to the tune of six figures.

  Dorsai 19:12 17 Aug 2004

But what to do with this person?

Fine them? As Chegs said, If they got no cash, A fine is useless.

1 day in pokey for each infected person/ PC? How many just did not say, and let their AV fix it?

Chop their hands off? Might stop them doing it again, but hardly justice in the western world!

Perhaps Mr Gates should give him a job.

"Set a thief to catch a thief" and "the best game keeper is an ex-poacher" type thing.

If he is that good at finding security flaws, pay him to find them and fix them! That way he can do some good.

  oresome 20:17 17 Aug 2004

He could go to jail and teach a few others his craft, or be dragged into use on extortion rackets by organised crime.

I tend to think he should be kept well away from other criminals.

  stalion 20:24 17 Aug 2004

what's he gonna get between 18 and 37 years sounds about right to me as well

  spikeychris 20:49 17 Aug 2004

Might sound rotten but that guy made me a fortune.

  Valvegrid 08:05 18 Aug 2004

You offering him a job :-)

  CurlyWhirly 11:19 18 Aug 2004

He deserves everything he gets.
I hope it deters others from writing other viruses or malware in general.

  Dorsai 18:24 18 Aug 2004

He may deserve it, but just because someone deserves someting does not mean that they should get it.

Prison is not a very good deterant. If it was, how do you explain the many thousands of people already there. It did not put them off.

The reason I don't Drink and Drive is not because i am afraid of going to prison if i get caught. it's because i will lose my driving license. If i lose my license i lose my job. If i lose my job i can't pay the mortgage. If i don't pay the mortgage i lose my house. And you can bet My other half would dump me too. So i would lose everything. If i have no job, no house, and no other half, what would i have to lose?

Rather than lock him up where he can teach countless others how to do what he can do, would not society as a whole benifit more if he used his talent to our advantage, and taught software companies how not to leave their products open to attack?

He gets a productive role to play, and once he has a stake in society, like a house and money in the bank, then these CAN be taken away (in the form of fines) if he misbehaves again, and we get better security on our PC. He has somthing to lose and we gain.


  Forum Editor 18:36 18 Aug 2004

Prison isn't the answer - it's a punishment,no doubt about that, but it isn't a solution.

Dorsai's last paragraph shows us the key - people are far less likely to offend against society if they have a stake in it, and are likely to face a material loss if they transgress. Having said that, I don't see it as society's job to provide these people with a meal-ticket. It's a tricky situation, which is why we end up relying on prison sentences for such crimes.

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