MS 1Care

  ayrmail 18:32 19 Jan 2006

An old post on the subject of 1 care click here (16/05/05) then updated recently the FE suggested that this was only available in the USA, then why have I been able to use it since November last year?
Have I managed to circumvent some MS controls to have been able to download this or have I missed something certainly been working hard recently?

  Forum Editor 23:29 19 Jan 2006

What I said, back in May last year, was what the Microsoft UK press office told me......which was:-

"Microsoft plans to release public beta versions of Windows OneCare to external audiences in the United States later this year" (2005).

The beta was duly made available at the end of November, and the beta download site clearly stated, and still does state:

"At this time, participation in the Windows OneCare Live beta is open to U.S. residents only."

That isn't to say that you can't defy Microsoft's intention, because you can. Personally I don't intend to run this software - it's a beta version (which means no Microsoft support) and the installation wizard will almost certainly require you to uninstall any existing anti-virus software before it will run. My personal view is that I would not run beta software of this nature on a computer that has any form of valuable data on it, and I certainly wouldn't uninstall AV software to make way for running a beta on such a machine.

  ayrmail 07:01 20 Jan 2006

Thanks for your reply.
I must have missed the part on the download site which said for USA residents only and I had to give details.
Point taken about running 2 AV software.
Have had support from Microsoft Protection Service which I have to say has been fantastic and also in the form of updates for the AV part of the application and several updates to the overall application.

  Forum Editor 08:19 20 Jan 2006

what's your overall opinion of the software - would you pay for it when it goes live?

  ayrmail 23:54 20 Jan 2006

If it’s reasonably priced.
They AV runs away updating it’s self and has not had any effect on other applications.
Likewise with the firewall although this didn’t work at first, I had to get help as it would not turn on and I could not turn it on through windows security system and as I said the response from the support team was fast and efficient.
The item I really like is the back up utility I in the past backed up my system but not very often this tells me when files have changed and I should back up and since I cannibalised a HD from an redundant PC and bought a external case for it I have a pretty reliable back up procedure.
The tune up facility runs as and when it wants to but unlike others I’ve tried it does not seem to use a lot of recourses.

  Forum Editor 00:35 21 Jan 2006

Thanks for that - maybe I'll give it a spin myself after all.

  Forum Editor 19:04 24 Jan 2006

for a few days now - 4 days in fact - and I must say I'm quite impressed. It seems to just get on with its job, and doesn't intrude unduly.

So far it's getting a thumbs up from me.

  ayrmail 20:13 24 Jan 2006

I thought your mate Bill said you couldn't have it.
Have you noticed the icon which appears regularly to tune up, I had program that when it did that you would be lucky if you could surf to another page. Also defragging your hard drive used another product raved about by many but again seemed to slow everything up.

  ayrmail 06:08 26 Jan 2006

Had a message pop up telling me I am protected from the “my wife family of viruses”. Wondered how current this is?

  Forum Editor 08:16 26 Jan 2006

is dated 25/0/06.

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