MPs in new expenses row!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  barca1 22:17 13 Mar 2008

(lost for words..!!)

click here

  Totally-braindead 23:25 13 Mar 2008

Call me stupid but "Limits include £1,000 for a bed, £250 for a coffee table, £600 for a dining table, £500 for a dressing table, £550 for a fridge-freezer and £200 for a blender.

Carpets and wood flooring can be bought at £35 per square metre. Up to £300 apiece can be claimed for rugs, £795 for a sideboard, and £700 for a wardrobe."

£1000 for a bed seems a tad excessive as does the others. I mean there can't be many people who spend £200 on a blender, aren't they about £50.

Perhaps all the things have to be gold plated.

I've never had the sort of money to be able to buy anything like this. If they spent all this money they are entitled to, and thats not even looking at the £10,000 for a new kitchen and £6,300 for a new bathroom, then I would classify this as criminal. No wonder they kept it quiet.

  alan2273 23:28 13 Mar 2008

The worst part is no matter which party is in goverment they all look after themselves instead of the people who elected them.

I wonder how much more is going to be revealed about MP's expenses.

  peter99co 23:36 13 Mar 2008

Do you fancy a rewarding job?

  Totally-braindead 23:37 13 Mar 2008

Lets start our own political party and get elected. I could do with the money.

  barca1 23:46 13 Mar 2008

anyone just watching Michael Portillo on tv he stated:" This is going to be MASSIVE when it gets out"... he sounded VERY worried...

  peter99co 23:56 13 Mar 2008

The expense is only incurred if you have a second home isn't it

  barca1 23:57 13 Mar 2008

MPs claimed nearly £11.5m in additional costs allowances last year...

READ THIS!!!!!!!

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  Totally-braindead 23:58 13 Mar 2008

Its a bargain.

  barca1 00:01 14 Mar 2008

"peter99co" this is for there SECOND HOME!!!!!

  peter99co 00:09 14 Mar 2008

My second home is a caravan

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