MPs expenses...why?

  ccjjl82 18:06 06 May 2009

Why are MPs voting on the reforming of their expenses? Its obvious they are not going to say yes! I just dont understand why they are allowed to do it! If our government and its MPs were actually any good at their job, then I doubt people would be so annoyed, but they dont even deserve a fraction of what they get.
The USA runs its country on something like 70 congressmen. Now think of the size of their country compared to ours. Now why have we got over 300 MPs?
And most of these mps havent even had a proper job and know what its like to live on minimum wage, or know what its like in the real world.
I dont even know who to vote for next, because they are all the same!!

  DieSse 19:03 06 May 2009

At least get you figures correct

click here

click here

USA 100 senators - 435 Representatives

UK Parliament 646 MPs

European Parliament 785 MEPs

Sir Christopher Kelly's Standards Commission has been asked to look at the whole subject and will report later this year - that's what's in motion and should hopefully sort it out once and for all.

"I dont even know who to vote for next, because they are all the same!!"

I think you ought to read a bit more - there's distinct differences in what the main parties are suggesting at present.

  john bunyan 19:28 06 May 2009

Whilst I agree with the main thrust of your comments, don't forget that each State of the USA has it's own mini parliament so the House of Representatives and the Senate deal with Federal issues. Where I agree is with the growth of the EU parliament and devolution to the UK countries assemblies etc, it is way overdue to radically look at the Westminster Parliament with a view to rationisation, coupled with tackling the "West Lothian " issue, the Barnet formula etc.

  john bunyan 19:32 06 May 2009

or even rationalisation!

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