MP's expenses.... The Stephen Fry view....

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:57 12 May 2009

From BBC News: click here

  Forum Editor 09:05 12 May 2009

and his use of the English language, but sometimes I wish he would resist the temptation to respond every time someone shoves a microphone in his face.

  newman35 09:14 12 May 2009

Absolutely, perhaps it's because he probably has no financial worries and is unlikely to 'suffer' like the rest of us in the recession, that he feels able to shrug off this business.
Yes, wars are of far greater significance, but trust , I would say, is even more so. If we cannot trust MPs to be 'honourable' then the system is broken.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:21 12 May 2009

I'm afraid that his head must have been firmly stuck up somewhere that has little oxygen and consequently his brain was starved rendering it incapable of logiacl though or objective understanding. He is as out of touch as the shower that inhabit the Houses of Parliament and his use of the word 'bourgeois' was positively anal.

He seems to forget that he is probably OK for money, as can be judged by his capacious girth and faux-foppish behaviour, whereas many people in this country are finding it somewhat difficult to maintain a reasonable standard of living, especially as the Government has been bleating about tightening of the belts.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:22 12 May 2009

I'm afraid that my train of thought was somewhat awry...'logiacl though' = 'logical thought'.


  Armchair 10:24 12 May 2009

You have. Of course you have."

He's gesturing toward the camera as he says that, so I guess he's accusing me of doing it.

I've never had an expenses sheet to fiddle! The guy is deluded in the extreme. He assumes everyone is corrupt, when that isn't the case.

"It isn't what we're fighting for."

What fighting has he ever done? He's lived a life of utter luxury.

  peter99co 14:15 12 May 2009

He seems to be of the right calibre for a job as an MP. I wonder if any of the parties are interested in his talent for talking rubbish.

  jakimo 14:44 12 May 2009

A critic on radio 5 this morning could be no more explicit when he said that Stephen Fry was talking out of his backside,and I support that view.

  natdoor 16:21 12 May 2009

Well, I consider that Fry has a point. The level of public outrage on this and similar matters is way beyond their relevance to daily life. Of course, it does not look good but MPs were encouraged to compensate for their low salaries by fully utilising the allowance system. For heaven's sake get a sense of perspective and devote your time to something of real importance in your life.

I note that several newspapers turned down the offer of the "stolen" data but The Daily Telegraph was prepared to sink to new depths.

  newman35 16:30 12 May 2009

Sorry, you are defending the indefensible.
Thes people are supposed to be 'honourable' and leading us. If we cannot trust them with these 'minor' matters then why should we trust them when they say they can govern us, send us to war, increase our taxes...??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:56 12 May 2009

'Of course, it does not look good but MPs were encouraged to compensate for their low salaries by fully utilising the allowance system.'...Low salaries my derriere (you seem to forget about their second jobs, quangos etc)and a great message it sends to young people who are constantly told not to do as others do. What you seem to be unable to understand is that it is the lies, the fraud, the cheating and like you, a complete lack of understanding of what real life is about. It needs someone with a spine to stand up and be counted unlike you who would probably wilt in the corner.

Not one of the porkers stood up even though they knew that the system, using OUR money was being milked for every penny and some. I suggest that you remove your head from the sand that it is firmly rooted in and realise it is not the monetary value of their corruptness but the moral desert that they occupy.

Your post is the most ridiculous that my brain has had to interpret and I hope that you have never been a teacher as you have singularly missed the whole point. I would suggest a visit to the optician for your advanced myopia and acute forelock-tugging. You may feel that it is OK for our elected guardians to take the St Michael out of us but I, for one, have much higher standards.

Your post descends into farce..'The Daily Telegraph was prepared to sink to new depths' is MY money that they are spending and surprise, surprise, I want to know how. Your real name is not Margaret Moran is it?


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