mp's etc still noses in the trough

  lofty29 14:53 29 Sep 2009

Anyone see the dispatches programme on channel four, about the freeby jolly's that our lords and masters enjoy at our expence, this is something else that should be stopped, I can see no benifit to the taxpayers of this country for all these "fact finding missions" that they swan off on, its just an excuse for a free exotic holiday.

  lofty29 15:06 29 Sep 2009

fourm member
If these trips were of some use and not jolly junketts for mp's etc then I might agree to them, but they are not.

  Paddy 16:06 29 Sep 2009

How many MP's does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer, one to change the bulb and 23 to go round the south pacific to see how they do it!!

Nuff' said.

  jack 17:13 29 Sep 2009

These people are not our Lords and masters.

They are elected representative[Who volunteered the for the posts] in whome we place our trust to look after our interests.
Something they seem to have forgotten in all this.

  Chegs ®™ 17:53 29 Sep 2009

Our council were slated for conducting business in distant hotels when they have an enormous office block(recently built)that could've been used more cheaply,and only ceased having these awaydays at our expense when it was pointed out that if the councillors really needed a hotel,there are several good hotels in the town that would have been glad of the business.The local MP protested hard that he was not like other MP's & submitting inflated expenses,but rapidly disappeared from view when it was revealed his expenses were one of the highest,if not the highest of any MP in the county.It has also been revealed that our MP was in america to watch the Obama elections,again at our expense.What could a UK MP possibly learn from watching an american election,of benefit to any UK citizen? This kind of "jolly" might be what the OP was refering to,rather than the kind that fourm member refers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:22 29 Sep 2009

'It's much better to believe that foreigners drink blood and eat babies. That makes wars much easier to start' it takes 4 people to have a look at the sea erosion caused by 'global warming' in a bunch of South Sea Islands? You are barking if you think thst this jaunt was any where near justified. I could do the same research and better with 30 minutes on Google. If someone has to go, then only one person needs go. I bet that you would not get the same 4 to sign up to a trip to see the effects of coastal erosion at Scarborough.
I fear that your fragile grip on reality has gone AWOL and if I was Pol Pot I would be asking you to defend me in court for my slight oversights.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:11 29 Sep 2009

If you get information from reputable sources you should be OK. I do have the intelligence to sort the fools from the educated as you should know. Apart from that what are these 4 junketholics going to do with the information that they *ahem* garnered? To the best of my knowledge not one of them has a science degree or has specialist knowledge of climate variances. It is general knowledge that the islands are being will their trip change this? Wouldn't it have been better to send a climate specialist rather than a bunch of old duffers.
I have dissolved into fits of laughter at your obvious naivety, internet-based research phobia and cheer-leading for our noble leaders, thank you for making my evening.


  Forum Editor 19:25 29 Sep 2009

and there are fact-finding trips - some of them are transparently an excuse to go to a nice location and be entertained like visiting royalty.

On the other hand, some trips are productive. I remember being at a reception some time before the first London Mayoral election, and hearing a potential candidate (no names, to protect the innocent) talking about the things he had learned from visiting the Mayor of New York. At that time the man in the post was Rudy Giuliani, and although he was no saint, he was widely accredited with having initiated a big clean up of the city. The man I spoke to about London told me that Giuliani used to pull up outside shops and berate the owners/operators about litter on the sidewalk - he believed that if shopkeepers kept their section of pavement clean the public would respect the fact, and wouldn't drop litter.

It all sounded pretty good to me, and if a fact-finding mission can reveal some better solution to a problem that the one we're trying, why not?

It's probably best not to produce an extreme reaction to an idea until you've explored it in a little depth. We can all decry foreign trips as "just an excuse for a free exotic holiday." but unless we know how other societies deal with common problems we're working in a bit of a vacuum. No sensible business man or woman would dream of ignoring what similar businesses in other countries do, so why should we get so agitated and condemnatory when some of our elected representatives want to broaden their outlook a little?

This constant 'snouts in trough' mentality is not just knee-jerk negativity, it's counter-productive. If we have time-wasting, money-grabbing, free-loading politicians in this country it's our fault - they come from amongst us, and we elected them. They acquired their acquistiveness from somewhere, and it wasn't a desert island paradise - it was right here, in our own country, in our schools and in their homes.

  carver 19:40 29 Sep 2009

They had to go to see how warm the water was, it took four of them so when they were splashing about in the water they could compare notes.

It's very difficult these fact finding missions, having to put up with foreign hotels, payed for flights, all meals and drinks provided free of charge, it's a tough life they have.

  lofty29 12:04 30 Sep 2009

I am not against genuine fact finding missions composed of people with expertise in the relevant subjects, who produce valid reports, and which can offer some benifit to the taxpayes of this country who fund the trips, however from what was said on the program there is no requirement for any reports to be submitted by those taking part in any of these trips, nor do they have to have any experience in the subjects. Plus they travel and stay in first class accommodation, and what pinning dollar bills on a lady dancer has to do with erosion I fail to see.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:09 30 Sep 2009

The irony is that these half wits did not walk to their research islands that happened to be in the South Sea, they flew. The utter, stark irony did not bypass my notice. Of course Fourm memeber will be able to furnish us with their erudite research documents and conclusions, especially as we, the tax payers, have paid for this junket./yawn


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