MP's double standards Again!

  Autoschediastic 17:55 21 Jun 2011

There still at it even from where i lived like beverley..(Notice the comments under the story)


  Forum Editor 18:52 21 Jun 2011

No payment was asked for, none was offered and none was given."

According to the contractor who did the work:-

“At the end of a session of resurfacing works in Hengate we were left with the remnants of blacktop material. We had made a prior arrangement with a farmer to deposit the material with him. On the day, however, we were approached by a resident who asked if we could lay the blacktop down nearby Seven Corners Lane, a rough, un-adopted road on which she lives. We agreed to do so since it seemed to be an expedient and environmentally friendly way of dealing with the excess material. The laying of blacktop down Seven Corners Lane was carried out purely out of goodwill and without any money changing hands.”

All of which makes perfect sense to me - where are the double standards?

  Autoschediastic 20:37 21 Jun 2011

Upps sorry FE i have put in the wrong title! delete the thread if you want too?

  Forum Editor 22:28 21 Jun 2011

I'll delete if you wish, but there's no need if you would like the thread to stay. Tell me what title you would prefer, and I'll change it for you.

  Autoschediastic 01:58 22 Jun 2011

Thanks FE well no one has replied so maybe its best it is deleted? i'l leave that one to you? if you want it to stay then for the purposes of people searching google i think a title of "MP's road fixed for free by council contractors" the same as the story really there isnt much you could put? i thought of a different one to create it with but now ive thought about it it wouldnt Ty FE

  n47. 22:32 22 Jun 2011

Daily Fail picks ups the story their slant on it

  peter99co 22:40 22 Jun 2011

Somebody will be paying for it.

It has not hit the fan yet.

  Forum Editor 23:14 22 Jun 2011

Somebody will be paying for it.

I think it has been made clear - by the contractor - that the material used was surplus,and that an arrangement had been made to dump it on a nearby farmer's land. It had obviously been paid for by the contractor, who ordered a bit too much for the original job. If it hadn't been used to surface the private road it would have been dumped, so the question of payment doesn't arise. The material belonged to the contractor, who could dispose of it as it saw fit. It didn't belong to the community, regardless of what some people seem to believe.

Nothing has to hit the fan - it's a case of a non-story being whipped into something by the media and a few knee-jerkers.

  onionskin 00:36 23 Jun 2011

Even so, for a politician, who may or may not be in a position to influence the awarding of future contracts, to be receiving favours from a contractor is always going to look fishy. The article doesn't mention whether Mrs. Stuart introduced herself as the wife of an MP when she requested the tarmac be laid on her road, I wonder if that would have made any difference.

  onionskin 01:11 23 Jun 2011

I can just imagine my wife cycling past a road works and thinking to herself - Hey-up, they've got far too much tarmac there, I wonder if they'd mind spending a couple of hours resurfacing our road with it, instead of giving it to some farmer and knocking off early.

  n47. 08:14 23 Jun 2011

- it's a case of a non-story being whipped into something by the media and a few knee-jerkers.

I think the general public will not see it that way, especially after the expenses debacle. So the contractor/owner had some spare/leftover.

Where does it stop? The owner of a luxury cruise liner having a few 5 star cabins empty, might as well fill them and the MP's wife did ask if there was empty cabins need filling. It might be to the owners advantage over the long term.

Over the years quite a lot of freebie's have gone to MP's and still do.

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