MP's collars may be felt!

  john bunyan 18:17 19 Jun 2009

Just heard on the news that Scotland Yard will look imto some of our MP's "claims"..........

  Armchair 18:18 19 Jun 2009

Are they any less corrupt than the MPs, though?

  Forum Editor 18:19 19 Jun 2009

of a self-fulfilling prophesy getting under way.

  lofty29 18:53 19 Jun 2009

I would not mind betting that a few small fish are investigated a massive public expense, but no charges will be brought due to "insufficient evidence of wilfull wrongdoing". Either that or it will be the HoC boghouse cleaners fault.

  laurie53 21:06 19 Jun 2009

I repeat the prediction I made in an earlier thread.

After due consideration of all the evidence the DPP/CPS will decide that there is insufficient evidence to justify proceedings and/or any proceedings would not be in the public interest.

  ton 21:37 19 Jun 2009

They didn't mean to claim the money, they were all claimed by mistake.

They are sorry, but only because they have been found out.

  Quickbeam 21:40 19 Jun 2009

I agree with the 21:06 post except that it is most certainly in the public interest.

  spuds 23:17 19 Jun 2009

Looking at all the blanked out information,it was very surprising that the Official Secrets Act and the 20/30 year rule wasn't applied to this investigation ;o))

  Spark6 23:23 19 Jun 2009

I would suggest we wait and see, the evidence is there, together with overwhelming public anger. What is now required is a drastic overhaul of our Parliamentary system. To say it is dated and past its sell by date is a gross understatement.
I'm currently trying to draw a comparison between our democratic set-up and Iran's. All suggestions welcomed!

  Forum Editor 23:46 19 Jun 2009

Do you not think that a sacrificial lamb is being called for here? British taxpayers are outraged, and when that happens someone's head must roll.

  spuds 23:59 19 Jun 2009

Looks like the tea trolley person in the Fees Office in for a right caning then!.

At least this news will take the limelight from the bankers situation,the worlds recession, and possible Fred the Shred's return to British shores and another job in banking ;o(

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